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  • Using maya python api - how do I change selected object name into upper case?February 10

    I have the following code: import maya.cmds as cmds list = cmds.ls(sl=True) my_list = [object.upper() for object in list] print(my_list) However, it doesn't change the name of the objects even though it prints out upper case names in the print statem

  • Extract/Identify NodeType by Name (or string - identifier)February 8

    Hi! I'm writing a "simple" Maya command in C++, in witch I need to select from the scene (like the ls command in MEL). But I don't know how to identify an MFn::Type data based on a string name like "gpuCache". Actually my (very stupid)

  • Maya API: when to attach custom locator to my node (MPxNode derrived)February 5

    I have a shelf button that creates my custom node (MPxNode derrived and let's assume it cannot be MPxLocatorNode derrived). I need to automatically create another custom node (MPxLocatorNode derrived) and connect it to the first one. I tried using MD

  • Maya C++ API equivalent of MEL setKeyframeJanuary 25

    Is there an equivalent of the MEL setKeyframe command in the Maya C++ API? It seems to exist for python (maya.cmds.setKeyframe) but I grepped the C++ include directory and didn't find anything relevant. Nor have I found any hints in the SDK documenta

  • easy_install from Maya's python interpreterJanuary 20

    I would like to download and install setup_tools, easy_install and tinydb all from within mayas python interpreter.. check out setup() in the code below. I'm pretty close, but it looks like the system command to run ez-setup.py is not downloading the

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