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  • CryptoJS implementation in JavaScript PBEWithMD5AndDESMay 7

    I am trying to convert and existing code that implements PBEWithMD5AndDES from Java to JavaScript. This is for the first time I am working on any cryptography thing. I have pasted my code below. PBEKeySpec pbeKeySpec; PBEParameterSpec pbeParamSpec; S

  • Backing out data from an MD5 checksumFebruary 17

    Imagine you have an MD5 sum that was calculated from an array of N 64-byte elements. I want to replace an element at an arbitrary index in the source array with a new element. Then, instead of recalculating the MD5 sum by re-running it through an MD5

  • To understand Feistel permutations in md5February 17

    Recently I am trying to understand the md5 algorithm.In this algorithm 4 Feistel permutations FF,GG,HH and KK are used.I have faced a problem to understand the FF. The FF is defined as $FF(A,B,C,D|m_j,s,t)=(B \oplus((A\oplus F(B,C,D)\oplus m_j\oplus

  • MD5 sum in TCP connectionFebruary 17

    I am trying to use function like MD5_Init,MD5_Update etc. I try to getline from my file in server and send, in client I read 100 chars. Here is my most important part of code: server.c connfd = accept(listenfd,(struct sockaddr*) NULL,NULL); if(sposob

  • How to encode a message to MD5?February 17

    I have faced a problem to understand MD5 algorithm.My question is weather the original input message is converted to binary value in MD5 before using the input message as parameter in four Feistel permutations FF,GG,HH and KK? In order to understand

  • String Finder - MD5 Hashed Value - C Program [on hold]February 17

    I have a program to identify the string value of an already hashed key value using MD5. I have a code which does the same but the program stops midway. Any suggestions please ?? If I give the Hash input as 4d4830386dd4712c0e7cdf998eace59a, then the S

  • Finding out the value for the Hashed MD5 Key - C ProgramFebruary 16

    Hello I need your help I've been working on this since yesterday with no success at all. I have an hashed 4 byte array using the MD5 algorithm and I need to write a C program to brute force all the possible 4 byte strings to extract the key using Ope

  • Fault Tolerant MD5 calculation for large files in C#February 15

    Is there any way to do the incremental md5 calculation of large files but at each nth step save the read position and md5 state data such when the process fails or a network/IO happens, then it can be restarted from the last known good position in th

  • MD5 Hash Addition of two valuesFebruary 14

    I have this line in my script: Interval=$IHMinus1+$WeekOne Is there a way in md5 to hash it as a unit and add them together to make a new interval Interval? I'm using bash with Mac (shell). --------------Solutions------------- Do you want it? echo -n

  • Is it possible to generate a binary / Merkle tree with ShellScript? [on hold]February 13

    I have a list of generate MD5 hash values and that are URL's of documents ( generated by WGET) on ShellScript on bash. (mac) I was just wondering is there anyway my shellscript can generate a merkle tree or if thats possible as I concatenate the hash

  • Security in app - server communication using random 128 bit passwordsFebruary 12

    I've been visiting this site over from StackOverflow to learn about hash functions for password storage on a server, but none seem to cover my case: App programatically generates a username and password, both 128 bits of random binary data. 1) For a

  • Try to find encryption algorithm February 11

    I have such examples for encrypted data: 1) Word sql_test was encrypted into: 1 try) EBLMfZFOMbXIXSNOULNB 2 try) IbJRZZFOMbXIXSNOUTFA 3 try) SaMVSZFOMbXIXSNOUTHB as you can see all these string with the same part: ZFOMbXIXSNOU (without first 5 and la

  • What is is the best way to create virus signature database? [on hold]February 8

    We are thinking to develop a new Antivirus program. The main concern is to create a virus signature database. I want to ask what is the best possible way to add viruses signature in our database to make it a strong DB. kindly guide us the best possib

  • Transmitted sensitive user dataFebruary 7

    At the moment, I have set up mitmproxy and can record all HTTP/HTTPS communications between the client and server. For research purposes I am looking to find a way to detect potential leakage of simply encrypted versions of sensitive user data sent n

  • MD5 Hash Brute Force javaFebruary 5

    I am having some trouble creating a brute force java code for a class assignment. The professor is not much help I was hoping someone could lend me a hand or give some tips. The professor supplied two methods md5_bytes and mini_md5_bytes. The mini by

  • MD5 gives different result between PHP and ash/OSXFebruary 4

    I'm creating a hash on Busybox that I'm comparing with in a php script. However results are anything but desired: BusyBox v1.15.3 echo A|md5sum bf072e9119077b4e76437a93986787ef - MacBook-Air:~ $ echo A|md5 bf072e9119077b4e76437a93986787ef MacBook-Air

  • How does require 'digest/md5' works?February 2

    require 'digest/md5' # => true Digest::Md5.hexdigest('') # => "d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e" Which file does this require use? Is an actual file being required? Or is it required programmatically? --------------Solutions------------- T

  • Export MD5 encrypted password into magentoFebruary 2

    I have a list of MD5 encrypted customer's password from old website now i am move to magento. How do i import list of md5 encrypted passwords of users into magento. --------------Solutions------------- I found a solution to do this: Go to Magento adm

  • MD5 collision may happen for input of 18 chars?February 2

    have anyone proved or tested that whether or not MD5 collision may happen for data with fixed length of 18 bytes ? i.e. can I construct two arrays(18 bytes length) with same MD5? thanks! --------------Solutions------------- Considering that MD5 has a

  • Android app crashes when it compares two MD5 hashes in do while loopFebruary 1

    I have created a android app,which basically does brute-force password cracking.I have the dictionary file placed in the assets folder (file.txt).I compute the hashes from the file and compare it with the user input(which is also a MD5 hash) but the

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