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  • MDX filtering results by dateFebruary 17

    I want to filter results of my query, so it returns values only if date is greater than specified. I wrote something like that: SELECT { [Measures].[Net sales] } ON COLUMNS FROM [Sales] WHERE ( { [Department].[Department name].&[WRO], [Department].[D

  • selecting max of distinct count when on multiple rowsFebruary 15

    I have a query that does a distinct count of accounts based on CB score. The problem I have is that an account can switch credit scores pretty often. So I would like to take the max credit score for a particular account. Here is what I have that is r

  • SSAS, MDX, calculated member, pytd, reference on another value/month

    SSAS, MDX, calculated member, pytd, reference on another value/monthFebruary 15

    this task bugs me now since one week and I can't find a solution. I'm trying to extend a simple SSAS reporting solution my co-worker build. The goal is to easily access the ytd and pytd values to the sales numbers. Everything works perfectly there's

  • Pentaho Mondrian MDX - removing parent titles

    Pentaho Mondrian MDX - removing parent titlesFebruary 15

    I am new to Pentaho, Mondrian & MDX. I started to use Pentaho CE 5.0.1 as my OLAP tool. I am struggling with a MDX query and hoping someone can give me some pointers on my issue. I have the following time dimension mondrian schema: `<!-- date dimen

  • MDX: Calculating MONTH COVER (of Stock) in a performant way

    MDX: Calculating MONTH COVER (of Stock) in a performant wayFebruary 14

    this is my dataset: I want to calculate the "Cover Month". Therefore I have to look for Stock(in this example in january 2016 = 5,000), then have a look for each future month if current stock(january 2016) is bigger than "cum. Sales" o

  • MDX SSAS: Creating a KPI that measures Returning CustomersFebruary 13

    Just like the title says, I'm trying to create a KPI that measures Returning Customers for a student project. As a bit of a disclaimer, I'm a beginner in this whole SSAS/OLAP cubes deal and I'm also completely self-taught so I'm really sorry if my qu

  • how to get min or max date on columns in mdx query

    how to get min or max date on columns in mdx queryFebruary 12

    what mdx query logic could i implement for this example to get two rows in result set for hrid = 1 with 1/1/16 as min date(start) for first row where someattribut shows up on column with value 'A' and 1/15/16 as min date(start) for second row where s

  • Addition and substraction Ok, but not DivisionFebruary 11

    using following Calc members : create calculated member [NbJoursNonAmbuTemp] as sum([Ambu].[Ambu].[Ambu].[Non Ambulatoire], [Nombre de Journées]) create calculated member [NbJoursNonAmbuFinal] as IIF( [Ambu].[Ambu].current is [Ambu].[Ambu].[Ambulatoi

  • SSAS MDX Replace (all ) on the date Hierarchy with (YTD)

    SSAS MDX Replace (all ) on the date Hierarchy with (YTD)February 11

    Hi i have a date hierarchy and i want to replace the (All) with a calculated period like instead of displaying (all) i want it to display (YTD,2016,2015,2014,2013 and so on is it possible this is the query thats producing the (all) select {} on colum

  • Excel Named Set on Pivot TableFebruary 10

    Based on research I've done, I'm guessing there may be no way to do this, but what I'd like is to be able to create a "Named Set" (under PivotTable Tools > Analyze > Fields, Items, & Sets > Create Set Based on Row/Column Items) that

  • With MDX how to sort by monthFebruary 10

    How do I sort by month. Now the sorting is alfabetical. And that is not correct. I want january before april - not the other way run :) Im working in report builder 3.0 and have tried this (=format(Fields!Måned.Value,"MM") as a calculated member

  • how to remove 'Total' from excel while check ssas cube dataFebruary 9

    the rank is also using Total value of the column. how to remove that. it's a calculation. +---------------------+------------+------+ | Row Labels | Change | Rank | +---------------------+------------+------+ | ADDERALL XR | 20,236.00 | 7 | | ATOMOXE

  • MDX Efficiency, measures from the same Hierarchy (in Excel VBA)February 7

    Before I start, I want to state that whilst I am fairly advanced at VBA / SQL I am a relative novice at MDX so please forgive if I don't quite get across the MDX code understanding or code as well as could be done. Please feel free to edit this! I am

  • How to format (Bold) Row Labels

    How to format (Bold) Row LabelsFebruary 5

    I use the below scope statement to bold Measure Values. Is there a way to make the corresponding row labels bold as well? Scope ([Reports].[Income Statement].Members); // Bold Font for Report Items // FONT_FLAGS(THIS) = IIF([Reports].[Income Statemen

  • How to sum next periods in MDXFebruary 5

    I've created this calculated member to sum next periods and it's quite slow. Instead if I do the same thing for the past previous periods with LastPeriods calculation, it runs smoothly. Any ideas why it's happening? Is there any other function for ne

  • How to invert the rows with columns in this MDX Query?

    How to invert the rows with columns in this MDX Query?February 5

    How can I change this MDX query (get from Saiku) so that "anno" (year) and measures are put in the column? MDX Query: WITH SET [~ROWS_Regime Ricovero_Regime Ricovero.Regime Ricovero] AS {[Regime Ricovero].[Degenza ordinaria]} SET [~ROWS_Anno_Ann

  • With MDX hos to select first row?

    With MDX hos to select first row?February 3

    I am using sharepoint report builder. In my data (se picture below) - I would like to get all the first row - the ones with yellow. How do i do that. Here is the MDX code. What should I write to get the yellow rows? SELECT NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Anta

  • Tableau: How to do YTD and MTD calculations in MSAS cube?

    Tableau: How to do YTD and MTD calculations in MSAS cube?February 1

    There are very less resources and examples pertaining this question. Please refer to the screenshot below. It shows the dimension and measure names of my cube. I referred to the link below for YTD and MTD calculations. community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-

  • Optimize set calculation in mondrianFebruary 1

    I have a MDX query, and I am executing it on Mondrian engin. WITH MEMBER [Measures].[HC Threshold] AS Val(StrToMember("[HC Threshold].[HC Threshold].[All].[25000]").Name) ,FORMAT_STRING = "$#,0" SET ClaimantsSet AS Order ( Filter ( Non

  • MDX intrinsic member property null

    MDX intrinsic member property nullFebruary 1

    I want to create an MDX dataset for a filter in a SSRS report, by using the MDX query below. For one member in my dimension the properties return NULL. The problem is, this type of script works perfect on all my other dimensions, just the first membe

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