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  • Is there a way to lock the D7100's mirror up while burst shooting?February 5

    I have a Nikon D7100. I've tried to capture water droplets in burst mode. But the mirror speed limits my shooting and makes a discontinuous series of images, even with a 1/2000 shutter speed! Is there any way to lock the mirror up during burst shooti

  • Does mirror lock-up drain the battery?September 13

    When using the mirror lock-up mode or Nikon's exposure delay mode, is it true that keeping the mirror raised for some time requires more battery power? Is the mirror flipping mechanism continuously using electric power to keep the mirror up? Please c

  • How can I avoid camera shake while using Canon 6D's Auto Exposure Bracketing?July 7

    I've recently upgraded to the full-frame sensor Canon 6D and am used to using Canon's Rebel series cameras with the added Magic Lantern firmware add-on hacks. I have a question about the auto-exposure-bracketing (AEB) quirks of the 6D. AFAIK, best pr

  • Why mirror lockup on long exposures?May 14

    Often when long exposures are discussed, there is a recommendation to use mirror lockup to avoid loss of image sharpness. I fail to understand why the brief vibration, maybe half a second, could possibly affect a 30 second exposure? At the end of the

  • How do I speed up button-to-picture for Canon XTi (400D)?

    How do I speed up button-to-picture for Canon XTi (400D)?April 23

    I'm trying to set up a fast image capture without using a strobe. The camera is connected to a shutter release device (pinewood derby timer) which triggers the camera when the first car passes the sensor. However, even in manual mode with autofocus t

  • What is Arbitrary Release Time Lag?February 7

    The Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DSr both offer a new feature that I have never heard of. Canon refers to it as Arbitrary Release Time Lag. What does the feature do and why might I benefit from it? --------------Solutions------------- Arbitrary Release Tim

  • Can I lock up the mirror in Canon 350D and shoot all three AEB points without mirror return?May 18

    A friend lent me his old Canon 350D (It has no Live View mode) so I can try a "real" camera before spending money on it. I want to play with HDR, and most of the articles I read say that you should lock up the mirror before the AEB burst, for qu

  • Properly Using Mirror Lock With Canon EOS 60D And RC-6 IR RemoteJune 26

    I am trying to use my Canon EOS 60D on a tripod, with mirror lock enabled and shutter release via the RC-6 infrared remote, for minimizing vibration. When using the shutter release on the camera, everything works as expected, first press locks the mi

  • How can I use mirror lockup with wireless remote on a Canon T4i?January 28

    I'm using a Canon T4i. When mirror lockup is enabled, if I press the button on the wireless remote, I have the impression that mirror lockup is not performed. Am I doing something wrong? According to the instruction manual, the only thing to do would

  • D7000 multiple exposure with mirror up?April 13

    I shoot a lot of close-up photography and typically use the mirror up feature with a remote control. I tried doing double exposures using these functions and kept failing. Yesterday I switched to single shot and the mutiple exposure function worked f

  • Nikon D80 Mirror LockupSeptember 19

    Can I use mirror lockup for long exposures on the Nikon D80? The option appears to be in the menu, I can't seem to enable it. --------------Solutions------------- The D80 has an Exposure Delay mode, which basically adds a 0.4 seconds delay after open

  • What is mirror lockup and what is its primary function?July 28

    My SLR is equipped with the mirror lockup function. What does it do, and when would I employ such a feature? --------------Solutions------------- Mirror lockup is used to reduce vibrations with longer exposures. When the mirror folds up, the camera s

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