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  • RC4 via nonlinear mixer - sound?August 21

    We implemented a rc4 (ARC4) variant for creating a cryptographic stream - question is: Is this sound? (I'll give an example for 32 bit variant, though 64 bit/larger is possible) Algorithm is as follows: We have an array of integers A (32 bit) and arr

  • Construct block cipher from a smaller one with mixing function

    Construct block cipher from a smaller one with mixing functionAugust 17

    I read about the AEZ encryption scheme as presented at the CAESAR competition. To me it seems like a construction of an arbitrary length block cipher from a smaller one. The key component is the mixing function. (See the figure- Left: without cipher

  • AES column mixing and S-Box confusionDecember 11

    I am trying to understand the AES encryption algorithm. I know that we process 128 bits at a time for a 128 bit key in a 4x4 octet form, but am confused by the following: How does the substitution subround work, as the size of the Rijndael's S-box is

  • Need 32-bit mixing function that has perfect avalanche between octetsDecember 5

    for my hobby tinkering project, I need a mixing function that takes 32-bit input and has 32-bit output (and will, most likely, run in a 32-bit C environment) and the following property (independent of endianness, i.e. it's enough to only look at eith

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