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  • Submitting a Google Review via google sign in api for iosJanuary 10

    I am using the https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/ios/ to allow a user to sign into their google account into my application. I would like to then allow that user to write & submit a review for my business. Is there an api or guide that s

  • How can an app know what other apps are running on a phone?February 17

    How can an app know what other apps are running on a phone? Before saying it isn't possible, check this: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/13/app-annie-raises-55-million-series-d-launches-new-product-for-tracking-app-usage/ They are doing it.

  • Is Java one of the most popular programming language used for Mobile applications? [on hold]February 16

    Mobile devices are the fastest-growing enterprise platforms in IT. Is Java one of the most popular programming languages used for Mobile applications?

  • HTC devices crash with MediaRecorderFebruary 11

    Htc device crashes with using MediaRecorder for recording screen of the device. When i stop recording on the home screen of device, i dont the issue. But when i stop recording on any app screen, it crashes the surfaceflinger library. Here the code to

  • Point to location using compass SwiftFebruary 5

    I am developing a compass that can point from my current location to other location of the object. Currently I am following this link: Point to location using compass I feel that pointing between my current location to the object isn't correct. Can a

  • What is 'Evolutionary Development Methodology'?February 2

    What is 'Evolutionary Development Methodology' means in the context of Mobile Development (Android)? Is there any similarity to 'Object Oriented Methodology' as well? Does someone have an example piece of code? --------------Solutions------------- As

  • Rails 4 Omniauth get access through Facebook mobile appJanuary 29

    I have an web app that uses Facebook Omniauth and it works fine on a desktop browser since a user will normally be logged into Facebook there. But users usually aren't logged into Facebook in their mobile browser since they use the Facebook mobile ap

  • How do I copy a file from the Application Package Folder (Application Installed folder) to the App Local folder in Windows 10 Mobile App?January 27

    auto uriFile = ref new Windows::Foundation::Uri("ms-appx:///123.txt"); create_task(Windows::Storage::StorageFile::GetFileFromApplicationUriAsync(uriFile)) .then([m_localFolder](Windows::Storage::StorageFile^ file) { create_task(file->CopyAsyn

  • Debugging website on iOS chromeJanuary 26

    Ive got a bug that only shows up in mobile chrome browser on my iphone - iOS8. Whats odd is that the same bug doesn't show up in iOS8 safari on the same phone. I want to debug the issue in the chrome browser but can only find info on debugging safari

  • Copyrights in Android appJanuary 21

    I am using many images in my app - all of them can be found in Google search with the filtering "labeled for reuse with modification". My app was approved and I released some updates too, but the last update got rejected due to Intellectual prop

  • Strongloop not able use mongodb functionJanuary 18

    I'm using AngularJS Sdk from Strongloop to develop the mobile application with ionicframework. In between the development progress, i failed to use the mongodb function from angular. I always get the unexpected result without any error message. Hope

  • How can I modify the android keyboard in ionic app

    How can I modify the android keyboard in ionic appJanuary 18

    Basically what I want is the addition of few buttons such as [email protected]', [email protected]', [email protected]', etc in the android keyboard how can I acheive this in Ionic or if there is any other way let me know.

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