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  • mod_tile not using all available threadsFebruary 7

    I'm setting up an OpenStreetMap server with mod_tile, renderd and mapnik. My problem its low performance. The machine is set up with 8 cores and 16GB RAM. I have 2 use cases: render_list -af -n 8 <coordinates> - renders like a wonder, all 8 cores wo

  • mod-tile: How to set up two independent tileservers?February 11

    Reading mod-tile and rendered documentation, especially the commented lines in the renderd.conf file, it seems to be possible, with the same renderd and mod-tile, to define two different style sheets that query two different databases and write tiles

  • Duplicated place names when rendering tiles with mapnik and mod_tile

    Duplicated place names when rendering tiles with mapnik and mod_tileJanuary 14

    So I am trying to render all the tiles for the state of Florida with the file generate_tiles.py that came with mapnik. The tiles are rendering, but erroneously including multiple city names (see below). Does anyone know how to fix this? -------------

  • Custom tile server - how to create a layer using Mapnik and mod_tile using POSTGIS db

    Custom tile server - how to create a layer using Mapnik and mod_tile using POSTGIS dbNovember 27

    I have created a Ubuntu 14.04 tile server. I loaded an OSM base map into the POSTGIS database and created a slippy-map using OpenLayers 3.9. Then I loaded data of an overlay into the POSTGIS database and now I am trying to create a layer for it. To c

  • pre-rendering for whole planet using render_list is very very slowNovember 16

    I'm trying to render tiles for the entire planet using 8 threads. It is taking weeks to render the whole planet is there any way to optimise the tile pre-rendering. Hardware in use is m4.2xlarge (32.0 GB, 8 cores, ssd disk). The command is render_lis

  • Tile server stops working

    Tile server stops workingNovember 10

    I built my own tile server and when I try to prerender zoom level 10 or 13 modtile/renderd just stops working (like when I press ctrl+c in the terminal). The other levels work fine. OS: Lubuntu 14.04 Style: OpenTopoMap Command to start modtile/render

  • Compiling mod_tile problemJuly 31

    I wanted to build my own tile server as written on switch2osm site. In short: render is not happening (more details you can find here). Seems that mod_tile is not installed correctly. First it gave some errors during installation and in the end error

  • Updating OSM TileServerJuly 8

    I built an OSM TileServer using the entire planet OSM data about a year. I wold like to update the database of my TileServer by using the new planet OSM data. Given that the original planet OSM data is about a year older than the lastest OSM data, wh

  • Mapnik / Renderd / mod_tile rendering too slowJune 15

    I've a little problem showing map tiles. My website during development/testing was using OSM, but we will going to production, and we want to serve the tiles without using OSM server no more. Using the slippy map example, sometimes the tiles are rend

  • using mod_tile in windowsJanuary 15

    I am trying to generate tiles on the fly in windows using mod_tile. I have followed the tutorial http://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/manually-building-a-tile-server-14-04/ on ubuntu and successfully got it running but I want to do the same in windows

  • error while starting render on startupNovember 13

    i have configured a tile server by following the switch2osm in the last step for starting the render automatically on startup if i start the render as below vars.sh is missing $ sudo /etc/init.d/renderd start root's password: /etc/init.d/renderd: lin

  • mod_tile: how to avoid cache expiry during DB rebuildNovember 6

    I'm running an OSM tile server with the default stack (mapnik, tirex, mod_tile, apache). Since I need only specific areas, I usually pre-render all tiles. Now I want to rebuild the Postgres DB bcs of a schema change (in order to satisfy specific styl

  • Mapnik change xml config on the flySeptember 26

    I have tile server running based on mapnik, mod_tile, and renderd. It was succesfully generate and serving tile using mapnik xml configuration which defined on renderd.conf. Something like this : [default] URI=/school_tiles/ TILEDIR=/var/lib/mod_tile

  • Mapnik PGRaster Plugin creating 8x8 tiles with visible boundaries

    Mapnik PGRaster Plugin creating 8x8 tiles with visible boundariesAugust 18

    I have used the latest addition to Mapnik PGRaster plugin (https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/tree/2.3.x) by Strk(https://github.com/strk/mapnik/tree/2.3.x-pgraster) and merged recently. I am able to get the images properly projected on the Map. But th

  • Render tiles in the seaJune 30

    I installed a mapserver on my own server with mapnik, apache and mod_tile. I build an application with WorldWind and my map server. My problem is that there are blank tiles instead of blue tiles to represent the sea. Is there a simple way to remplace

  • Tiles taking too long to renderJune 17

    I've followed the tutorial available here. The installation worked alright, but opening the tile in a browser leads to a 404 error. The only error from the server is "Failed to read cmd on fd 10". After a long while, the tile is rendered (here,

  • Apache2 is missing conf.d fileApril 30

    I am following this tutorial about how to create my own tiles and got stuck on slide 20. I am trying to tell my web server about my mod_tile installation. However the folder /etc/apache2 doesn't have a conf.d. How can I fix that? --------------Soluti

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