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  • Multiple Servers pymodbus connection issues Modbus TCPJanuary 31

    I have an issue when I try to read holding registers using pymodbus and a raspberry pi. I can't seem to get two servers/slaves connected at the same time (either one or another will work, but together, I cannot read registers from both devices). Thes

  • Noob - c# Convert Boolean with 32 values to Int32

    Noob - c# Convert Boolean with 32 values to Int32 January 30

    This question already has an answer here: How can I convert an int to an array of bool? 5 answers Convert binary string into integer 1 answer So I'm new to c# and I've searched but I just don't know what I'm searching for. I have a boolean variable c

  • How to close Modbus TCP Slave connectionJanuary 15

    I am using ModbusTCP to read/Write Data from HMISCU6B5 PLC device. But device some times keep Modbus connections alive even after i request to close TCP connection.I use following code to disconnect TCPClient. i am facing issue only with this model o

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