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  • debian snmp server temp?September 13

    I'm trying to query remote Debian Jessie hosts' cpu temp using the output of lm-sensors on remote host (which works) to generate an snmpd query to eventually graph with mrtg. Is there a better way to do this using snmp MIBS that already do this for t

  • Get MRTG to run as Windows ServiceJune 15

    We just installed mrtg on our Windows Server 2012 and I am having trouble getting it to run as a service. I'm following the guide here, but am still stuck. First, if I run mrtg manually, whilst specifying a config file, it does work and does generate

  • Update year graph MRTGDecember 16

    I have migrated my old 2.16 MRTG environment in a RHEL 6 machine to the new 2.17.4 a while ago and I keep having the same problem, my day, week and month graphs are updated as they should be with crontab but the year graph is not. When I first update

  • Populate MRTG log file from old raw dataOctober 29

    I'm going to add new target to my MRTG setup. And I already have raw data with measurements for past year. Is it possible to insert this data into my log file backdated? I know MRTG uses its own file format and it aggregates old data. Of course I can

  • What account does mrtg usually run as and can this be changed?July 12

    CentOS 6 / MRTG 2.16.2 I've noticed that mrtg is running as root on one of my servers and that concerns me. Is this a requirement? I didn't see it mentioned in the mrtg documentation. Can this be changed? --------------Solutions------------- From the

  • Moving MRTG InstallationMay 7

    We have an MRTG installation that has been working for the last 3 years, I noticed that after 18 or so months the data would start recording a fresh. Now I wanted to transfer the installation and all the graph data, is it possible to transfer this da

  • Disk queue lenght from SNMP on windows server 2012 (MRTG)December 2

    On windows server 2003 reading disk queue length from SNMP with MRTG was easy: snmpwalk -v1 -cpublic iso. = Gauge32: 26 iso. = Gauge32: 221 iso.3.

  • snmp MIB-TCP::tcp not showing any usageAugust 26

    I am trying to configure MRTG on all of my servers for making a network weathermap, this requires running SNMP which MRTG gets the information from. So, I installed it on two servers the exact same way. However, on the 2nd server, SNMP is not able to

  • MRTG - Setting Date for Old DataMay 8

    I have installed MRTG on ubuntu server to monitor network infra. In that I am only getting present day data. I want to know old data also, how can I get the old data. Please help me --------------Solutions------------- Have you previously been collec

  • What is the correct way to log PHP script's execution time and memory usage?March 2

    I want to monitor the execution time and memory usage for my web application running on Nginx + FPM. To that end, I am generating execution time and memory data in the page footer. I can also insert this into the FPM error log file, to be read later

  • Bandwidth usage on MRTG ppp-channel

    Bandwidth usage on MRTG ppp-channelJanuary 22

    I have a Billion 7401 VGP router connected to a commercial ISP (ADSL). I have configured a Linux machine to connect via MRTG regularly to collect statistics on the line. I noticed the following recently, which looked different to normal: "4" ind

  • MRTG Graph Positoning

    MRTG Graph PositoningNovember 28

    I have deployed MRTG 2.16.2. This is running without any issue, The problem is the graph moves Left to Right as in the image. Can we make it Right to Left. --------------Solutions------------- Yes: Options[mydevice]: growright

  • MRTG Configured; Need to monitor 1-2 Interfaces; Not AllNovember 26

    I have configured MRTG on Ubuntu machine & Its working great. I have have configured it for our MPLS router. In that there are many ports which being monitored. I don't want all to be monitored. I want only 1-2 interfaces to be monitored. Can anyone

  • MRTG does not give precise value or converts wrong?July 26

    By example: I have SNMP response value 59757296, passed to MRTG via conf ("business as usual"). The value is in bytes (I checked specs of the target device plus web interface of device confirms). In theory I should be getting "58356.7"

  • How to monitor dynamic network interfaces with MRTG? (*nix)May 7

    Every time I restart my OpenVPN tunnel it increments interface's number and breaks MRTG graph for the interface. IF-MIB::ifName.76 = STRING: tun_w after restart: IF-MIB::ifName.77 = STRING: tun_w Any way to fix it? --------------Solutions------------

  • MRTG reseting a particular log fileApril 19

    Through my MRTG I am trying to monitor my CPU Load and Disk usage. I am generating 2 graphs, the 2 respective log files are xband-disk.log file, containing hard disk statistics and xband.cpusum.log file, containing cpu usage. The problem is with xban

  • MRTG: Switch Port ThroughputApril 9

    I currently have MRTG running in a Debian box. It currently polls a Netgear Switch for the speeds of 7 or so ports and then makes the graphs of them. It currently only records the bits/sec. I would like to set up MRTG to record and display the total

  • MRTG Total Throughput in Week/MonthMarch 8

    We have been running MRTG for quite some time to keep an eye on our router usage at remote offices. We now have a need to see roughly how much data (pref in GB) has been transferred over the link. Can I get MRTG to tell me this info, or am i going to

  • "Unable to open MRTG log file" error with nagios and mrtgDecember 16

    We have a strange issue with our setup of icinga / nagios and mrtg. Icinga is working great and has no problem, it can monitor basically everything without issues. We setup mrtg to gather bandwith data from our routers and switches. MRTG is working f

  • Single IP attack or other issue?May 15

    Description of incident: I notice in my MRTG panel that httpd processes have climbed to 800 ( our maximum ), but all other parameters are normal ( cpu, memory, traffic ) I immediately ran a nestat command ( netstat -ntu | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -

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