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  • Multi-state MySQL master/slave pacemaker resource fails to launch on cluster nodesFebruary 2

    Setup I'm setting up an HA cluster for a web application using two physical servers in a Corosync/Pacemaker managed cluster. After finding out I was heading the wrong way, I decided to use heartbeat's bundled MySQL resource agent to manage my MySQL i

  • GTID have been turned off But I have error in replicationJanuary 27

    I just upgrade from mariadb5 to mariadb10. Then I have error on my slave replication Unable to load replication GTID slave state from mysql.gtid_slave_pos: Table 'mysql.gtid_slave_pos' doesn't exist My master for this replication does not using GTID,

  • Binlog format - RDS defaultJanuary 17

    By default in MySQL 5.6 default binary logging format is "STATEMENT". (https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/replication-formats.html) MySQL 5.6 running on RDS has by default format set to "MIXED" though (http://docs.aws.amazon.com/A

  • How to avoid MySQL replication corruption while executing flush-logs commandJanuary 12

    I have three servers running MySQL, let's say A, B and C. Server A is the master, and server B is the slave. I want to do mysql replication between server A and B, at the same time, I also want to use my backup solution to backup mysql data from serv

  • DB replication using BinLogJanuary 4

    I am using mysql-binlog-connector to listen to any binlog event and then perform replication on the slave DB. My problem is that, the binlog registers event right after the execution and before commit, so if there is any rollback the event is still p

  • trouble setting up pt-heartbeat (percona toolkit) for mysql/mariaDB replicationJanuary 3

    I'm facing some problems with pt-heartbeat (from percona toolkit) in order to observe MariaDB replication. I have one master instance with IP and server-id = 1 I have one slave instance with IP and server-id = 2 I run the follow

  • Mysql master-slave replication very slowDecember 31

    We're running a MySQL master-slave replication set-up and the slave is very slow at catching up. There seems to be no high network or cpu usage while the slave is going through the masters' logs. Connection between master and slave is stable and fast

  • How to get the log position for a disconected mysql slave?December 31

    We have a system where our biz people have notebooks that they take on business trips. They are all mysql slaves and they plug them in every other day to sync them up but sometimes a person might not sync up for several days. We used to just remove b

  • Get floating ip from mmm to work on Tinc vpn on UbuntuDecember 18

    I've got 3 ubuntu servers connected with a Tinc VPN right now. 2 servers are running mysql 5.6 db's, and the 3rd is used only as a monitor. We're using mmm to do the monitoring and assign a floating ip to a writer role. (Before someone tells me that

  • Do I need binlogs with a Percona xtradb cluster?December 10

    If I am running an XtraDB cluster, with no replication, do I need binlogs? They're enabled and chewing up disk space. I'm aware I can restrict their number using max_binlog_files, but I'm not sure if I need them at all in a clustered environment. If

  • How to open the MySQL port only to Amazon RDS for replication?

    How to open the MySQL port only to Amazon RDS for replication?December 5

    I have a MySQL database on a dedicated server, that I want to replicate to Amazon RDS to always have an up-to-date backup. For this, Amazon RDS needs to be able to connect to my master MySQL server. I do not want to open the MySQL port 3306 to the en

  • MySQL: Why would I have to repeatedly FLUSH HOSTS after a few minutes? December 4

    I have a web system setup in AWS that we are building up to migrate an existing web app to. I have 2 VPCs: 1 for web and 1 for data. These VPCs are Peered and Security Groups are setup to isolate each VPCs subnet. At the moment, there is an EC2 Ubunt

  • Best practices to backup mysql databasesDecember 4

    This question concerns best practices for mysql backup with replication and large number of databases. I'm looking for your point of view and suggestions :) I - Current situation I have two databases master/slave (mysql replication) on each one of my

  • Mysql Cluster Tables not available after 30 seconds.November 24

    I setup MySQL ndb today using this guide: http://www.catharinegeek.com/set-up-mysql-cluster-on-ubuntu-14041/ . I can get my mysql to start, but it says "Tables not available after 30 seconds." The output of SHOW in the NDB Cluster management cli

  • Which MySQL Replication should I use? November 22

    I have two servers consider server 1 and server 2. There are many databases on server 1 and few active databases on server 2 as well. Can I setup MySQL replication of server 1 and server 2. If yes, what type of replication is suggested Master-Master

  • Azure Load Balance Virtual Machines in a SubnetworkNovember 12

    If I have 2 subnetworks, for my processes and for databases, how can I load balance the databases internally within the subnetwork such that any of the processes in network can access any of the database instances via singl

  • mysqlfailover automatic failover is not enabledNovember 4

    i use mysqlfailover mysqlfailover [email protected]:3306 --discover-slaves-login=root [email protected]:3306 --report-values=health --verbose --failover-mode=auto --log=failoverlog.txt it report Attempting to contact

  • MariaDB replication lagNovember 2

    I'm trying to get replication working between 2 servers running MariaDB 10.1.7 64 bit. The database I'm trying to replicate is huge, 520G and the export/import on the slave with disabled autocommits took 5 days. When I initially started the replicati

  • MySQL persistent tmpdir on slave: use tmpdir or slave_load_tmpdir only?October 31

    While setting up a replicated MySQL database I looked at the manual about tmpdir and was somewhat confused about the two variables tmpdir and slave_load_tmpdir. I know the slave needs some data to be persistent between restarts, but I am not sure if

  • mysql GTID replicationOctober 30

    i try to use GTID and backdump mysql -u root -h xx.xxx.xxx.xx -p < 2015-10-30_all_database.sql Enter password: ERROR 1840 (HY000) at line 24: @@GLOBAL.GTID_PURGED can only be set when @@GLOBAL.GTID_EXECUTED is empty. and i check the slave server show

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