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  • Why is writing speed for RAM less than reading speed? And how do caches come into the picture?November 12

    Firstly, this is true, right? I feel that reads will always be faster than writes, also this guy here does some experiments to "prove" it. He doesn't explain why, just mentions "caching issues". (and his experiments don't seem to worry

  • How do I tell if issues are caused by a faulty motherboard or Core i7 CPU memory controller?

    How do I tell if issues are caused by a faulty motherboard or Core i7 CPU memory controller?April 14

    My computer has an issue that results in random crashes. When I run memtest I get the same errors almost immediately (pictured). They always occur at the same addresses even if I swap the sticks around, so I know the issue is with the PC not the memo

  • Clarifications on the nehalem processorJanuary 1

    I'm looking at some servers and I'm confused as to the Nehalem processor. The processor is made by intel, but looking at the wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nehalem_(microarchitecture) Why are there so many different sku's for the same processor?

  • Average idle temperature for i7 965 Nehalem 1366?September 8

    Just wondering what should be the average idle temperature should be for an i7 965 Extreme Edition Nehalem 1366 processor. The thing is, ever since the first day I bought and assembled this computer, my average idle temps have been between 45-50 C, a

  • Mapping of memory addresses to physical modules in Windows XPApril 21

    I plan to run 32-bit Windows XP on a workstation with dual processors, based on Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture, and triple channel RAM. Even though XP is limited to 4 GB of RAM, my understanding is that it will function with more than 4 GB install

  • Nehalem based Mac Pro Memory configNovember 12

    I am looking at getting a dual Nehalem Mac Pro and i am wanting a bit more memory than the standard 6gb. I am just wanting to know if there are any are any issues with the following memory configurations. 6x 1gb + 2x 2gb giving 10gb in total (Suggest

  • Linux i7 Rig for quiet stability and maybe a little Quake LiveAugust 26

    I am considering building a PC for the first time in about 10 years. I would really appreciate a review of the components I have chosen. I hope to run mainly ArchLinux, where I'll be doing browser development (WebKit builds) and Debian Live builds. T

  • Does the Intel i7 offer real improvement over its predecessors? July 19

    As the questions title asks, do the new processors from Intel offer real, as in noticeable, improvement over the previous quad core ones? What does the i7 actually offer that is new or is it simply a marketing gimmick? --------------Solutions--------

  • Which factors are most important when considering performance aspects of a motherboard?July 15

    I like to build my own desktop PCs, and I happen to know that I've got a rockin' processor and graphics card both, so my system definitely has some punch to it. I also know that I didn't get the best motherboard on the planet. I know that the motherb

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