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  • limiting svchost.exe because of copping internet good or bad?September 22

    I recently came into problem with one of windows's processes called "svchost" I dont know what is used for, but it chops my bandwith to death and increases my ping (i play online) I recently installed a Network Manager software and limited "

  • How to config Windows Server 2008 for accessing through it to the Internet?October 22

    In our Company we have almost 21 PCs and Laptops. one of them is Server with Windows Server 2008.All of these Computers connected to the Internet through a ASUS DSL-N10 Wireless ADSL Modem Router. We wanna manage clients Internet Bandwidth (For limit

  • How to use NetLimiter to block inbound TCP traffic?May 6

    I'm using NetLimiter to block TCP traffic. (Rule type: Firewall, Direction: In, Action: Deny) I can block outbound, but not inbound. You can try blocking inbound TCP on Chrome to see it is not working How to deal with this ?

  • Is there a free (local) network bandwidth limiter software? September 14

    I want to be able to limit the global Download and Upload speed of my computer so that I won't be using "all" the bandwidth from my router, especially since there are other residents using it. What software exists that allows you to limit your b

  • Can I toggle the NetLimiter driver through the command line?

    Can I toggle the NetLimiter driver through the command line?June 2

    I've installed NetLimiter 3 and I was wondering how I can enable/disable its driver using the command line. I need to be able to programmatically toggle the driver. Enabling it through the GUI is simple: Open the Network and Sharing Center and clicki

  • How to use NetLimiter to regulate my upload bandwidth load?

    How to use NetLimiter to regulate my upload bandwidth load?February 25

    Per a recommendation on why my uploading was killing my downloading I've installed NetLimiter. I keep tweaking the configuration and haven't found something I am completely happy with. I couldn't find what I was looking for in the documentation, and

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