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  • Vsync on multiple cloned displays?January 18

    Theoretically: If I have a HTPC or Nettop with HDMI-out connected to a HDMI-splitter (one to many) and connect this to a TV and at least one other display, will they all be vertically synched (without image tearing) no matter how many displays there

  • Acer Nettop usb controllersJuly 11

    I am currently looking for a small form factor computer that can provide 3 separate USB busses/controllers. The Acer Revo and Veriton models both provide 6 USB ports, but I have no clue if internally, the motherboard has 3 separate USB busses/control

  • How to install an OS on a nettop?May 25

    I order a "Giada Slim N10" without an OS. It does not have a CD drive so I understand i need to install an OS from a USB. how do you the windows version that runs from a USB? and is there an Open Source alternative EDIT: The device arrived. It h

  • I don't have a free PCI / PCI-e slot, can it be worked around?February 2

    I need to add a PCI(e) card to a nettop PC that is so small that the card won't fit there (and there is no external alternative like we're used to with external TV tuners). The only ports available are USB and eSATA, is it possible to somehow "dock&q

  • Can Acer Aspire Revo (Atom 330) be used with two monitors simultaneously?September 24

    I'm so attracted to Acer Revo for the price & the look. As long as I can work on two monitors simultaneously, I'll be happy. Not planning to do heavy video editing or gaming. Occasional movie streaming would be fine. Will mainly use it to do trading,

  • Will new Acer Revo (with Atom 330) be fast enough to be MythTV client/server?July 29

    As a geek I really like Atom CPUs but can't find a reason to buy one yet :( Although I was thinking about making my own DVR with NAS and media center functionality. Unfortunately, even today's Acer Revo, built on ION platform is not fast enough for s

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