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  • How to monitor my connection continuity within 24 hoursFebruary 8

    I have a bad ISP, and my internet cuts off for like 10 seconds every 2 hours or so and return. According to my ISP it's fixed, but they've been saying that for weeks now. My question is, is there a way to monitor if my internet is being cut off for a

  • How to monitor IPs/MACs on the network [on hold]January 26

    I need to have a whole company LAN documented and laid-out before huge re-planing it. All host adresses are statically assigned (yes, manually, over 3k of hosts; they divided into VLANs and subnets), don't ask me why. Quite a work, indeed, as for his

  • SNMP Local and Central Servers Setup for monitoring Devices?January 26

    I'm monitoring our servers using SNMP in my environment. There is no issue on it. My requirement is to , Keep one snmp agent servers running behind the firewall to poll the servers that are running behind firewall. Since, Its hard to create policy fo

  • Network monitoring software January 22

    I need software's for a small office here is about 40 computer Microsoft Windows workgroup environment. I give you Office Plan here is 1 internet leased line & 1 broadband line and all computer connect through 4 Switch . users can use full internet h

  • Safe Capture of WAN PacketsJanuary 17

    I have an aggregating network tap between my WAN connetion and my home router. I have a dedicated machine running Wireshark to capture all WAN traffic via the network tap. This machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Is there any way to stop the incom

  • Wireless packet sniffing on Linux. Captured data is almost only broadcastsJanuary 16

    Environment: Home network that operates on channel 8 (I am the admin so all the passwords are known and I have physical access to all devices), with a PC and a laptop connected to it (both standing about 20 cm from the router) Objective: Use a wirele

  • Reliable UK/EU ICMP Targets for Periodic Routing/Connectivity Tests?January 11

    I need to test routing between my United States datacenters and United Kingdom and Mainland Europe ISPs. This is used to distinguish between general transcontinental routing issues and specific application issues and local network issues. In the US,

  • Unable to connect to wifi when wifi switched off and on againJanuary 9

    I am able to connect to wifi on login, but sometimes, when the wifi switched off and on again, it is not connecting again. Usually, I put downloads and close the lid. When I see after sometime, wifi went away. Note: I have read all askubuntu posts re

  • NTM - Network Traffic Monitor GUIJanuary 8

    I installed NTM and I have a few queries: I tried to launch it both from cl or using the icon but I do not know if it is running ! Whenever I tried to launch it from terminal I am getting "Vector smash protection is enabled." I keep receiving a

  • FreeBSD interface up/down monitoringJanuary 7

    How to get informed about specific interface status in FreeBSD? ifconfig <ifname> | grep "status: active" works fine but I want to avoid polling and be informed as fast as possible about ifup/ifdown. --------------Solutions------------- Yo

  • Long Network History in 14.04?

    Long Network History in 14.04?January 1

    I have only one minute system monitoring in my current setting. I would like to have longer scale. How can you have longer timeline of network history in 14.04? --------------Solutions------------- If a live view isn't needed, Munin is a great resour

  • Way to know what source is reading the most from MySQL Server(RDS)?December 18

    I have a mysql server which is registering very large bandwidth usage. I want to know what options I have for: Knowing what source is using the MySQL server most. (server ip?) What tables or queries contribute most to the bandwidth. Understand if som

  • list out free bricks on glusterfs storage nodesDecember 18

    I'm trying to aggregate storage on different four machines using Glusterfs.Each machine has multiple bricks and I'm going write a program to create multiple replicated volumes from the bricks on storage machines.But in case of glustefs , we can't add

  • Setting up tipc on TrustyDecember 15

    I am trying to setup tipc i.e tipcutils. I would like to use it to monitor my network for clustering, drbd/ocfs2. It seems the package is currently missing in Trusty although it is referenced upstream at http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/wor

  • How do I find out the SNMP OID prefix?

    How do I find out the SNMP OID prefix?December 9

    I am trying to get information on the current IN / OUT bound traffic on an Airport Express router displayed in an openHAB setup. what I need is to be able to supply a line something like these: in: snmp="<[

  • Network Monitor shows data transmission for almost a minute after Dropbox sync was paused. Why?November 22

    I've been fiddling with the resource monitor today. I was uploading a file using Dropbox for Windows desktop. Resource monitor displayed a data upload rate of around 30,000 B/s for Dropbox.exe. To watch it go down, I paused the syncing from the Dropb

  • Find out what network data is being sent/ recievedNovember 16

    I have recently had a data cap put on my mobile wifi subscription, in order to make sure I am paying for what I use and not more I am trying to track my usage. Having looked around the best way I have found to do this is to use the built in Ubuntu sy

  • Asus router reports different bandwidth usage from ISPNovember 15

    The Traffic Manager - Traffic Monitor page on my router reports drastically less bandwidth data usage than our ISP. For example 2015-Nov-04 is 0.98GB according to Asus and 7.3GB according to ISP. This has been the case since I bought the router a cou

  • how much bandwidth is currently used by network

    how much bandwidth is currently used by networkNovember 12

    In windows there was a status info for the connection like how much data was used in the session . is there some thing similar for that --------------Solutions------------- The Resources tab of the System Monitor (gnome-system-monitor) has a section

  • How to implement PushMon on Ruby siteNovember 12

    I am looking to implement PushMon on a number of sites using Ruby Padrino. I have the following piece of code from the PushMon site. Where would I place said code. I was thinking of adding it to the controller get for session/new but then again I cou

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