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  • Persistent network error on single fileJune 27

    I have a problem which started yesterday at two completly unrelated clients. Both are running an application on a terminal server 2012 from a network share. When starting the application they now get an error message "error performing inpage operatio

  • Modified file not being read over networkFebruary 9

    I have a strange issue with file sharing in Windows Server 2012. We have an application that's run from a network share. There's also a Terminal Services server so remote users can run it. This morning we updated it, replacing the .exe file. However,

  • Can´t access shared folder using user credentials in windows 8.1February 8

    one of my users need to have a shared folder to see his scanned files, so we make a shared folder in his documents and his user has have read/write access, the problem is when we want to access to the user computer/folder with his username and passwo

  • How to enable Netextender client PC to view "Network" objectsFebruary 7

    I have a Sonicwall device in the office, and a PC at a house. The home PC logs in through SSL VPN. The access rules are set to Allow Any between the two zones. The LAN Subnet zone is added as a client route. and I can ping the office network hosts fr

  • How to copy file from a network using PythonFebruary 4

    I want to use Python to copy a zip file (test.zip) from shared network (\svr\shared) to my local computer C:\ drive. Also, my windows account already has access to the network. One more thing, how can I get the content of a network shared folder? Let

  • Sharing GPU computing setupFebruary 2

    I have a NVIDIA GTX980, and running Ubuntu 14.04. I want to share the GPU computing to people in my group. How do I do that? Can I create account and let users ssh and use it? Can the GPU be used concurrently? How do I create a private hard disk for

  • find out which computer has opened a file on Servers network shareFebruary 1

    I have a Windows Server 2008 and it shares a folder. Many clients access that folder and the inherit files. One client opens one dll file sporadically with mode rw, so after that no other client can load the dll. Now I want to determine which client

  • How do i know what credetials to use to access a network share on another computer?February 1

    I have been having trouble accessing network shares on others computers because i seem to not have the credentials right. However i have used the the exact credentials used to log on to those computers. The are personal computers that are not on a do

  • Access local VM from an external deviceJanuary 27

    I have a local VM that hosts my website. The private IPv4 address of the VM is; I can access the website both locally to the VM and on the main machine by typing in the web browser. I would like to be able to acces

  • Can different person see different shared folder structure by file sharing services of Windows Server 2008 r2?January 26

    For example, I have a folder structure like bellow in Windows Server 2008 R2 server: ShareFolder SubFolder1 File1 SubFolder2 SSFolder1 File2 SSFolder2 File3 And I want to share the folder like this: UserA have only Read/Write permissions on SubFolder

  • Running Programs as Administrator from Network Drive - Windows 10January 26

    I want to store my user folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, etc.) on a Network Shared Drive and Map them as a Network Share on a windows server. IE. \Server\User is Mapped to U:\ in Windows, then I map Documents to U:\Documents This works

  • Error 0x8007003b - Can't transfer file over network from a Windows 10 clientJanuary 25

    0x8007003b / Can't transfer file over network from a Windows 10 client I have a really weird problem. I can't transfer any files from my windows 10 client to any network device. Tried to transfer to both raspberry pi with OSMC and a laptop with Windo

  • Windows 10 network share freeze frequentlyJanuary 24

    I have two desktops on the same network. One with all my files on it (media) and one I use for gaming that I use to stream videos. Both are running Windows 10 Pro. Firewalls are off. They're on the same home group. Both have password protected sharin

  • Is there any meaning to the "Map Network Drive" option when you right click Network in Windows 10?January 22

    I spent two hours troubleshooting my network drive yesterday because I was right clicking "Network" to access the Map Network Drive wizard. Once I realized I needed to right click "This PC" it was painless. edit for clarity: When I acc

  • Can access, but not browse, windows network behind Ubuntu routerJanuary 22

    My network setup is like this: Internet -> Ubuntu router and file server -> PCs. The Ubuntu server (which is a DHCP and DNS server for the network) is running Samba with a couple of shares, and I can access and browse them by manually entering the s

  • Transferring over network gradually slows downJanuary 22

    I have a spare Windows 10 computer sitting around and I turned it into a file storage computer. My computer is running Windows 7. When I transfer a 1.5GB file from my pc to my server, it goes from 160MB/s and after about 5 seconds it dips down to 50M

  • How to change workgroup on Sharp MX-5001N MFP?January 20

    I am the IT admin for a small business and we're trying to get our Sharp MX-5001N MFP to scan to a network drive on a Windows 7 domain using Small Business Server 2011. After meticulously configuring the address book settings and adding the printer t

  • mounting specific directory from zfs share mounted on other serverJanuary 20

    I have two servers in LAN. Server "A" contains one ZFS share mounted as /u01. Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on 100G 10G 90G 10% /u01 some product is install which creates below path for logs /u01/oracle

  • Share files and folders over two gateway and on the network 18

    I have a DSL Broadband line with Static IP and a Router connected to my PC. When I have to use internet with this router, we need to configure Internet Setup as Static IP. In this case sharing files and folders on windows 7 is not access

  • Windows 10 Desktop Loses Network Sharing After Windows UpdatesJanuary 18

    I have a home file server that was upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. The upgrade went off without a hitch and everything has worked great with one exception: After almost every Windows Update patch, the server loses the Network Sharing setting

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