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  • nginx git folder requestJanuary 10

    Im using nginx and git-web and it works great. I access my site using www.mydomain.org to pull up gitweb. Here is my config file: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server; server_name www.mydomain.org; return 301 https://$serv

  • Nginx location block and performanceFebruary 12

    I am not an expert with Nginx, so I read several articles and the official guideline to get myself up to speed. However, I found nothing that touch base on the location vs rewrite block performance. My scenario is the following: an existing website c

  • nginx - how to identify the same requests from specific userFebruary 12

    Is it possible to make Nginx config to count the same requests from specific user and behave accordingly to the number of handled request? For example, the user makes three requests to the same URL: http://example.com/file At first request from this

  • equivalent of ProxyRemote in NginxFebruary 10

    I am migrating from Apache to Nginx and need some help to configure the proxy to hit a backend server. My apache config looks like below: <VirtualHost *:8000> ServerName hostname.net <Location /balancer-manager> SetHandler balancer-manager Ord

  • how does an exact location match work in nginx?February 10

    In the code below, the index directive adds page1.htm to / requests. So I would expect an exact match for http://DOMAIN to be matched by the 2nd location block and not the first. index page1.htm; location = / { rewrite / /page2.htm; } location = /pag

  • Letsencrypt Renewal + Nginx + owncloud config = failed because of regular expressionFebruary 9

    I am running an owncloud-server with ngnix on Debian 8. I use a ssl-certificate for that domain from letsencrypt. Now i want to use an autorenewal-script, to run periodically and renew my certs. This works with all domains, except the owncloud. Actua

  • How does if condition work inside location block in nginx conf?February 7

    I have read https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/depth/ifisevil/ I want to check if my rails application has already added a header (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) and if it hasn't then add the header. The examples here have tried to expla

  • Hiding parameters un url with nginxFebruary 6

    I have a website with this kind of adresses: www.mydomain.com/user/userprofile/[userprofile1]?r=[login]&w=[encryptedpassword] ie: www.mydomain.com/user/userprofile/toto?r=reqqfdvca&w=skvlsqmg www.mydomain.com/user/userprofile/titi?r=re45a&w=sl

  • Nginx - Changing the server root make location root not workingFebruary 5

    I'm trying to setup phpmyadmin on my domain, and for some reason, I can't have the server root I want. This doesn't work (404 on example.com/phpmyadmin without anything in the logs): server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server ip

  • Configure nginx to rewrite hashes on all pathsFebruary 1

    I use nginx as a static file server first and try to rewrite all uri if they contain hashes to point to a mock directory. It might be more clear with an example let's say the user request pages url like theses : /api/some/path/to/ecbac7cb-21ca-3d22-9

  • How to exclude specific subdomains server_name in nginx configurationJanuary 27

    I'm using wildcard in server_name. I want to redirect all subdomains of example.com (configured as *.example.com) to foo.com except xyz.example.com I have configuration as follows server { listen 80; server_name *.example.com; location / { proxy_pass

  • Nginx reverse proxy multiple backends with selective cachingJanuary 22

    I am trying to cache some video streams from multiple encoding servers: 1.example.com 2.example.com 3.example.com 4.example.com The generated playlist looks like this: http://play.example.com:8080/ex1/stream1.m3u8 http://play.example.com:8080/ex1/str

  • Nginx regular expression server_nameJanuary 21

    How can you use regular expression to do this: preprod.*.company.com > root to /home/preprod_folder *.company.com > root to /home/prod_folder I know that to match *.company.com I will create: server_name *.company.com But what about for a regular ex

  • translate nginx conf to apacheJanuary 20

    I have nginx serving an endpoint like: site.com/api/query I need to move the site to an apache config. Note there is NO tailing slash. Its being call from some old custom client software which cannot be changed. Im having real troubles getting this t

  • ngnix location breaking node (sails) routesJanuary 19

    I have been looking for the correct nginx configuration to achieve a server location (different from /) and get node routes working. Context Node application running on http://localhost:1337 Nginx server with proxy_pass pointing to node application S

  • Why is my nginx "rewrite" directive causing a redirection loop?January 18

    Given the following http block, nginx performs as expected. That is, it will rewrite a URL such as http://localhost/3ba48599-8be8-4326-8bd0-1ac6591c2041/ to http://localhost/modif/3ba48599-8be8-4326-8bd0-1ac6591c2041/ and pass it to the uwsgi server.

  • nginx location with multiple subdirectories (django i18n)January 16

    I got this server, where I use django i18n for a few languages, but I can't make nginx serve those directories using the same location thing. location /(fr|en|ko|de)/ { proxy_pass; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $server_name;

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