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  • Getting SSL to work on Django projectMarch 26

    I'm trying to get my Django website to move entirely to https (currently it's solely http). The webserver is nginx (reverse proxy) and gunicorn. However, even after correctly installing SSL, opening port 443 and tweaking my nginx virtual host file, I

  • Apache proxy request from mod_rewrite gets messed up by NGINX reverse proxyFebruary 27

    I have several websites and I am transitioning from using perlbal as my reverse proxy, to using nginx as my reverse proxy. Things are mostly moving along OK, and I even got SSL to work very nicely. NGINX handles SSL and proxies into apache as http. H

  • nginx php-fpm7 - blank screenFebruary 24

    I try to setup nginx + php-fpm with this nginx.conf: http://pastebin.com/52pFEWqT But I see blank screen in browser and in php fpm outut - 20/Feb/2016:17:07:18 +0000 "- " 200 Can you help to fix it?

  • Setting nginx to forward links (and images) correctlyFebruary 23

    First let me note that I've seen this question here before, but never with an answer that actually works. Here is the issue: I have a Jenkins server running on 8080 (Ubuntu 14.04). I'm trying to port it to [domain]/ci/. While this is fairly simple th

  • nginx git folder requestJanuary 10

    Im using nginx and git-web and it works great. I access my site using www.mydomain.org to pull up gitweb. Here is my config file: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server; server_name www.mydomain.org; return 301 https://$serv

  • When partial content is not returned from server while portion of video file is seekable?January 1

    wikipedia says: Byte serving is the process of sending only a portion of an HTTP/1.1 message from a server to a client. If the range is valid, the server sends it to the client with a 206 Partial Content status code and a Content-Range header listing

  • nginx config with php and alias broken after updateJanuary 1

    I have configured access to a local directory through an nginx alias + php support: https://mydomain.de/wbg points to /var/www/wallabag. Everything was working fine until I did a normal apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on the server (running on d

  • routing nginx request through index fileNovember 28

    I would like for nginx to process: http://dev.mydomain.com/about-us as http://dev.mydomain.com/index.cfm/about-us I have attempted to use try_files $uri $uri/ /index.cfm?$args; without luck. Any suggestions? I have also attempted to convert this apac

  • Custom nginx rbenv passenger rake not foundNovember 11

    Someone is getting this kind of problem when try to compile passenger with a custom nginx install? have any passenger version that compile without problem? or is because of the rbenv? thank's + ngx_pagespeed was configured adding module in /home/ubun

  • Nginx loading images very slowNovember 6

    I am trying to load some high resolution images with Jpeg format and specs are 300dpi, 5000 x 5000 resolution in Django production. Following are my nginx settings at digitalocean: upstream app_server { server fail_timeout=0; } server

  • nginx: can I use a try_files in a location block and after a rewrite?October 8

    I was wondering whether rewriting a URL can be followed by a try_files to continue the execution in a named location. The following block DOES NOT work, and I'm not sure there is a chance to get it working. The objective is to have the avoid any re-i

  • Opposite behavior of keepalive (nginx reverse proxy on ElasticSearch)September 22

    I am setting up a nginx reverse proxy for ElasticSearch (with HTTP Basic Auth) as described in this article. This is my nginx config file: events { worker_connections 1024; } http { upstream elasticsearch { server elasticsearch.example.org:9200; keep

  • Nginx request_time slower with HTTP/2July 5

    We are running nginx/1.9.10 as a frontend server with multiple application server as upstream. We are using plain http, mostly https and switched to http/2 in the last weak. We are logging like this: log_format custom '$host $server_port $request_tim

  • Nginx - worker_connections and worker_rlimit_nofile valueJune 22

    There are a lot of different answers if you search on the net the value of worker_connections and worker_rlimit_nofile. Someone says you have to put there a very high number, someone else a smaller one. I would like my server handles the largest numb

  • Nginx Log rotate [on hold]June 19

    Can Anyone help me in log rotation of Nginx. Nginx is appending daily log details in access.log file. I want to take a copy of log file on daily basis and a fresh creation of new log file.

  • Forced https for non http website loading content of another https website on same server [on hold]June 19

    How to host multiple domain with different SSL Certificate and some Non-SSL domains on single ip address? Two website website1_with_ssl.com , website2_with_ssl_.com has SSL and three website website3.com, website4.com & website5.com are Non SSL . ---

  • nginx smf forum works on host but not clientsJune 9

    I have ubuntu running in a virtual machine and I have a LEMP stack properly configured and everything works... on the host VM. im the actual OS (windows 10) some files dont load (some .css files and images). the only one I found not working are part

  • DigialOcean Droplet clone of a wordPress website - DNS not resolving

    DigialOcean Droplet clone of a wordPress website - DNS not resolvingMay 20

    I have a website mywebsite1.com runing wordpress and hosted on digitalOcean droplet using LEMP (Nginx/php/mysql) on Ubunto server, am trying to duplicate the same site and use a new DNS mywebsite2.com to point to the new droplet IP, the problem is th

  • Implementing fail2ban the correct way April 20

    I have a Django web app where people write comments and upvote/downvote others' comments. The webserver is gunicorn + nginx (reverse proxy). The db is postgresql. The db and web app reside in two different ubuntu-based machines. Some malicious users

  • How do I use nginx reverse proxy to forward to a specific URIFebruary 17

    I have an nginx reverse proxy that is using stream proxy to direct to a web page that uses NTLM authentication, but I need to use something similar to the location directive to tell this reverse proxy to send requests to that site to a specific IRL.

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