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  • How can i only allow published content to appear on the front page?January 22

    I'm using the Scheduler module to schedule when certain nodes get published&unpublished. Now, they are set to be "Promoted to the front page" and even after the Scheduler unpublishes the content, it stays promoted to the front page where it

  • Store 2 values in a node separated by horizontal line in the middle

    Store 2 values in a node separated by horizontal line in the middleNovember 23

    I have the following Binary tree: \begin{tikzpicture}[ every node/.style={draw,circle}] \node {10} child{node{5}} child{node{20}} ; \end{tikzpicture} Is there a way to split each node in two by adding a horizontal line at the center of each node, the

  • pgf/tikz node custom shape

    pgf/tikz node custom shapeSeptember 29

    I cannot figure out how to get a node shape similar to this in pgf/tikz, I don't need the colours, just the black and white shape. Sorry I don't have any code as nothing I've tried gets me remotely close. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.

  • Chamfered Rectangle and Minimum Text Height

    Chamfered Rectangle and Minimum Text HeightSeptember 29

    pgf/tikz: I am trying to create a hexagon with a fixed height . Using the chamfered Rectangle. I can turn the rectangle into a hexagon, but when I try to apply the minimum height option it seems to interfere with setting the xsep. Does anyone know a

  • Creation and display of song setlists

    Creation and display of song setlistsSeptember 7

    I am using Drupal version 7.42 and a content type used for information regarding Concert setlists. It includes labels for: Date. Venue. Location. Setlist. Description. Lineup. I will give you an idea of what I am looking to achieve in the end regardi

  • How to check field value against same field on existing nodes of same content typeApril 12

    I wonder if it possible to check the value of a filed against same field in already existing nodes of same content type. My case: I have a content type property where people advertise their properties, inside property content type I have a field Phon

  • distribute nodes evenly

    distribute nodes evenlyFebruary 17

    I am trying to built a graph by manually placing the nodes using relative placement. But I face some issues with the way the nodes are placed. I tried to include it in a MWE: \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usetikzlibrary{positioning} \begin{docume

  • How to delete a node/nodes created by a user with rules?February 17

    How would I delete a users content automatically when a certain rule triggers? The content is of a certain content type. --------------Solutions------------- Add an action for "Fetch by Property" > Node Property > Author Value > The use

  • How to link on block

    How to link on blockFebruary 17

    I work on D8. I Create to custom block with display content and Read More option. The URL alias is about_us of node/2, I want to add read more link with node/2 and show about_us on URL. --------------Solutions------------- If you have created that cu

  • Display/Print both full content and teaser in node.tplFebruary 17

    I want to display both full content and teaser content at the same time in node.tpl.php Here is an example of what i want to display <ul id="tabs" class="nav nav-tabs" data-tabs="tabs"> <li class="active"&g

  • Is there any filter or function to render the summary in a node page?February 17

    I'm using Drupal 8, I want to render the summary of the body, inside a node page, I´m using {{conten.field_xxxx}} to dispaly other fields, but I can´t figure it out how to display the summary of the body filed.

  • How to show related nodes in a view block based on taxonomy terms?February 17

    I have two Content Type, Apartments and Events. Both have a Term reference field (field_location). I want make a view block that displays in the nodes of Apartments Content Type some fields of Events Content Type based on field_location term. If in A

  • Drupal Alerts Module [on hold]February 16

    I inherited a mobile version of a website that was first coded manually, content is not being pulled from the database. We installed the alert module and the alerts are showing on the desktop version and not the mobile version. I need to get a line o

  • Interfacing Data back and forth: JSapp -- Drupal

    Interfacing Data back and forth: JSapp -- DrupalFebruary 16

    I want to create custom products for every single one of my customers, and to add a thumbnail and custom order data from a JSAPP. Seen on #2 My JS application must get the unique id from the user. regardless if they are logged in or not (i dont know

  • How to make certain nodes available to anonymous users?February 16

    I am having a site that hosts a number of content items (nodes) that are available to registered users. We would like to make some of those data available to anonymous users, too, via a view. I have encountered so far two issues: The nodes have attac

  • Different display view options for images on pageFebruary 16

    I have one content type called 'images' - at the moment they are just displayed as a list. I want the users to have some options on how to view those images (change size, slideshow timings, add < > controls ect...) Is there a pop-up function / selec

  • Encountering error "Non-const lvalue reference type 'node *' cannot bind to a temporary of type 'node *'February 16

    I'm trying to implement a node class that reads in a text file, and stores each separate line into a node of a linked list. However, when I attempt to build it, I receive the error listed in the title. It appears to be coming from the getNextPointer

  • hook_node_access called more than onceFebruary 15

    I have this very simple implementation of hook_node_access function applx_node_access($node,$op,$account){ drupal_set_message($node); } This returns applx_application forum article page forum And because of this i am not able to proceed further. I'm

  • Relationship between Content type

    Relationship between Content typeFebruary 15

    I have two content types: Region and City, Region node includes City node, every City node is related to some Region node, how I can create relationship for this situation: when I create Region node and refer a City node in a field, all City nodes ha

  • How do I dynamically change all cloned block title and information?February 15

    When I clone a block, I have to go and manually change info on new cloned block: Display name View name description Title Block Name And even more when I clone nodes... Is there a way to have Drupal append a "Clone of" like it does when cloning

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