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  • IBM Bladecenter Nortel switch issueDecember 27

    We have a IBM Bladecenter with integrated Nortel switch. The problem is I am not able to change anything on the switch because I am getting the following errors: >> azimov-in - Main# diff Diff is issued by another user. Try later. >> azimov-in

  • Need to configure Nortel SR1004 router for new Internet ConnectionMarch 30

    I'm trying to prep for a new fiber circuit that is being installed in our office and I'm having difficulty finding much documentation on the Nortel SR1004 router. The router currently is used for 3 bonded T1 connections that go out over the FE0 port

  • Backing up Initial and Running configurations for Nortel Baystack 325-24GMarch 21

    I recently came across a Nortel Baystack 325-24G switch. This is the first time I've come across a Nortel device of any sort, so I am a little intimidated. My problem is that I have been trying to get the startup and running configurations via both t

  • add presence for a remote user to a legacy telephone system?April 26

    we have a small call center that uses an old nortel phone system with analog lines. one of our sales people works from home so her calls do not go through the phone system. this creates a problem at time as the receptionist does not know if she is on

  • Load balancing + NAT issue on BNT GBE 2-7 gearApril 19

    I've got troubles configuring an Hardware load-Balancer with NAT functions. I have the following architecture: Internet ===> VIP (public) LB (private ip) ====> private addressed servers When a connection is initialised from the outside (internet) ,

  • Bridge VPN connection with LANNovember 19

    I use a Nortel SSL-based VPN suite (it loads some Java Applet which sets up a VPN connection) that works great under Linux. When connected I see a tun0 device connected with the IP address I'd expect to see on the VPN network (let's call it

  • Is there a viable Nortel 64-bit VPN client?October 27

    Looking for a Nortel VPN client that will run on 64-bit Win7. --------------Solutions------------- If the Nortel device is speaking ipsec, the Secure Entry client from NCP will likely work. It's a bit pricey at nearly $150/license, but it has indeed

  • Baystack 5510 Ethernet Routing Switch routing questionOctober 26

    I'm trying to create a static route on a Baystack 5510 Ethernet Routing Switch with the following: ip route en I'm getting the following error: Cannot find entry to modify. What am I missing? ----------

  • Alteon AD 3 configurationOctober 11

    Cannot find a manual on this product, any start point to learn to use this load balancer will be appreciated since Nortel does not support this product anymore i couldn't find any information on their site. --------------Solutions------------- The so

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