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  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • onload equivalent in AngularFebruary 15

    Im trying to hide images loading until they are completed and cant figure out how to do that easily in Angular. Can onload call a function in the scope? Or is there a better way to do this? ng-init doesnt work

  • How can I delay a function until after a function which loads a dynamic page is finished?February 15

    So I have a setup where I have a layout page, then I have separate content pages that are loaded into the layout on click. The problem I'm having is initiating js only associated with those pages. It go and get the page and while it's loading it will

  • Calling image onload inside a loop with global variableFebruary 14

    The variable menuitems is a key value pair. The key contains the name and the value contains the Image url. The idea is to store the below URL in the localstorage. Local Storage variable is key_icon (key is the name of the image) Below is the code. A

  • Load javascript faster in the first load itselfFebruary 12

    I have a temperature widget from http://www.accuweather.com/en/ae/dubai/323091/weather-forecast/323091 and by default it's showing in the website as "DUBAI, AE" on the widget. I need to make it "DUBAI, UAE" and for that I used the scri

  • How can I feature two javascript ad rotators on one page?February 9

    I want to feature two ad rotators (same scripts) on a web page but my scripts interfere with one another. Would you suggest I change the onload function? Here is the ad rotating script I am using: <layer id="placeholderlayer"></layer>

  • Window Onload in Jasmine causing blank pageFebruary 6

    If I try running my ScriptRunner, I get a blank page with no errors in the console log. I have an onload function in both my source and spec files, because it will give me a console log error without that. How do I get past this? I'm new to Jasmine,

  • imacros javascript window.onload not workingFebruary 6

    Ive ran my script a couple of times and cant figure out why the window.onload isnt working. What am I not doing right ? var macro = "CODE:"; macro += "VERSION BUILD=9002379" + "\n"; macro += "TAB T=1" + "\n&quo

  • Update DIV element after loading image using Angular JSFebruary 5

    My goal is to update the div element (its width and height) that is used for a container for my image. Problem is that view and controllers are called much faster then image is loaded, and when it is finally called, the view is already rendered and I

  • onLoad in TextureLoader is not working?

    onLoad in TextureLoader is not working?January 28

    Am using texture loader in Three.js, the onLoad function in it is not working gives an error in the console var TextureLoader = new THREE.TextureLoader(); boxtexture.onChange(function (value) { TextureLoader.load('textures/' + value, // onLoad callba

  • JavaScript img onload - progressive jpg/jpegJanuary 27

    Is there a way to detect loading of each step of progressive JPEG (or at least the first one)? At the moment onload() event is fired once the final (high quality) image is loaded. Tested in Chrome 48.

  • alternative to javascript load for an object of type image/svg-xmlJanuary 25

    my load function in chrome is giving me different values for the height and width of the image on the first load. it gives correct values only once i reload the same image. is there an alternative to checking if an image has loaded? i call it to chec

  • How can I get my javascript function randomly select one function(slideshow), execute it, then repeat?January 24

    I have a javascript code for replacing a html <div> that contains an image in it, so it becomes like a slide show. I have six of these slideshows on the page, and I need them to randomly change maybe switch image 3 then 6 then 2 and ect. $(document)

  • Getting javascript to run automatically on iPhone/iPadJanuary 23

    I am working on a volunteer project that will run on an iPhone or iPad where there is speech assistance when a web page is loaded. I have tried using the Javascript "Onload" function as well as document.ready Function (Code Below), but neither w

  • this._best() is not a function typeerrorJanuary 23

    I am trying to call a function this._best() once an image is successfully loaded but i receive typererrors. this._best() is a function because i use it in many different places and it is working. as soon as i put it inside the onload event in javascr

  • Change onload and onclickJanuary 21

    I am trying change fabric.Canvas to fabric.StaticCanvas onload => fabric.Canvas and onclick => fabric.StaticCanvas var canvas = this.__canvas = new fabric.Canvas ('c'); html Code parts: <body onload="loadcanvasbody()"> <button id=

  • how to load magnific popup modal on page loadDecember 10

    I'm trying to load my magnific popup modal on page load, however I can't quite understand the syntax in the documentation. How do I call the modal on page load? My HTML: <div id="test-modal" class"white-popup-block mfp-hide"> <

  • JSF action on first request March 15

    Is there a way to execute a JSF managed bean action when a page is loaded? If that's relevant, I'm currently using JSF 1.2. --------------Solutions------------- JSF 1.0 / 1.1 Just put the desired logic in the constructor of the request scoped bean as

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