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  • openssl CAPI Engine dll not generating in openssl version 1.0.1xJanuary 21

    I am trying to use capi engine using windows certificate store. openssl version used is 1.0.1x. Acc. to my knowledge for version 0.9.8, CAPI engine is not compiled by default thus we have to use a switch enable-capieng to compile it and there is no e

  • openssl Client and server: Keys/Certificate dependencyJanuary 19

    As far I know, in an authenticated SSL connection, both the client and server have private keys and provide their certificates (with the corresponding public keys) across the connection before establishing the secure connection. However, I'm a bit co

  • Openssl Engine for iOS is not loadedJanuary 14

    We have a project that needs to run an openssl engine on iOS device. We have compiled the .so file for the test engine and it works fine with the command line. But when we put it in the iOS project and tries to load the engine, the load step always g

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