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  • OpenGL - Maintain texture width to height ratio

    OpenGL - Maintain texture width to height ratioFebruary 10

    I have a 256x256 crate texture and a plane twice as long as it is high. I'd like to maintain the texture's aspect ratio and control it's scaling factor, rather than stretch it to all corners as shown below. This is my object data: // Vertex Positions

  • How to rotate Vector3 in OpenTK?January 29

    I'm completely new in OpenGL and OpenTK world so I want to ask the noob question. I'm working on a 3D application in visual basic and I want to rotate the camera around the "0,0,0" position without changing the lookat target (It's also "0,0

  • How do I transform glOrtho clipping planes?

    How do I transform glOrtho clipping planes?January 28

    I've created an OpenGL application where I define a viewing volume with glOrtho(). Then I use gluLookAt() to transform all the points. The problem is - as soon as I do this all the points fall out of the clipping plane because it is "left behind"

  • OpenGL points drawn at incorrect positions

    OpenGL points drawn at incorrect positionsJanuary 28

    I trying to draw a dotted line in a GLControl, basically, a point every second pixel. The problem is not all the points are being drawn at the correct location. Draw code // Draw Line for (int x = 0; x < 200; x++) { GL.Begin(PrimitiveType.Points); GL

  • use normal vectors in my triangles inside opentkJanuary 26

    I am trying use normal vectors to give my terrain a better appearance. This is what I've tried: public Game() : base(512,512, new GraphicsMode(32,24,1,0)) { } /// <summary> /// ID of our program on the graphics card /// </summary> int pgmID; /

  • GL.genvertexarrays() argumentsJanuary 24

    So i'm new to Opengl and i am using OpenTK a wrapper for it in C#. I am fully aware of the difference between VAO, VBO and Vertex Array. I was looking at OpenTK documentation here, http://www.opentk.com/files/doc/class_open_t_k_1_1_graphics_1_1_open_

  • How to use OpenTK GL control to create objects onscreen?January 15

    I am doing a project in Windows Forms (C#) where the user presses certain buttons, and primitive shapes appear on the GL control. There are certain things I need to do and I'm not sure how: Generate primitives (Triangles etc.) when a button is presse

  • OpenGL scale pixels less than 1

    OpenGL scale pixels less than 1January 15

    I'm implementing a SVG renderer for OpenTK. Everything is fine, except for scaling. The SVG I'm using has a border, and if I scale out, the border becomes semi to fully transparent. If I could find an OpenGL setting to disable this then I'd be able t

  • How to use OpenTK (OpenGL) with MonoGame?December 26

    So I've been making a snake game using MonoGame (DirectX Only). I added movement, controls, feeding and growing in length. I wanted to add smooth animations to the game because the snake is just made out of 32 X 32 squares currently and it moves by 3

  • GL.Scissor not working as expectedDecember 20

    I have some code for rendering a button in an application and I want to clip the text if it's wider than the button itself. Here a bit of code to describe what I'm doing: GL.Enable(EnableCap.ScissorTest); GL.Scissor(Frame.X, ScreenSize.Y - Frame.Y -

  • OpenTK crashes with MonoDecember 14

    I've implemented OpenTK as a secondary renderer which would let me support Mac/Linux only to realize that for some reason, even without any modifications (new MonoGame project), the application would make mono crash, but it runs perfectly fine on .NE

  • Applying Transformation Matrices to VBOs in OpenGLNovember 3

    So I've recently tried to add Vertex Buffer Object Matrix transformation to an OpenGL engine I'm working on. I could go about this by applying the matrix to a copy of each vertex individually, but this would take a lot of CPU resources, so I am tryin

  • Dual paraboloid shadows on GLSLAugust 31

    I'm trying to port an XNA example to OpenTK + OpenGL, I found it here http://graphicsrunner.blogspot.com.es/2008/07/dual-paraboloid-shadow-maps.html But I'm having a really hard time, I think my maps are generated right, but then the shadowing of the

  • Handling Device change in OpenALJuly 1

    I'm trying to write an application using OpenTK.OpenAL to wrap openal, and I'm concerned about how I should handle a hypothetical situation where I unplug my default audio output device (such as headphones). When I try to open my default device, it l

  • CanDraw in large hierarchical scene with rotationJune 19

    I've been assigned to write small simulation visualization, that contains thousands of cubes (I know you heard that before). Now I'm working on optimization of stuff that takes place there, but suddenly I came across a brain teaser (maybe my math foo

  • Camera rotation destroy scene objects orientationMay 26

    I fight with that for some time and searching internet but I don't have any answer for my problem. In few words i want to have orbiting camera on screen and objects which I want also rotate independently from my camera. I implement Arcball rotation c

  • Cannot convert bitmap to texture May 14

    I'm doing a little C# / OpenGL project and I can't manage to load textures properly. So here is my texture class : public class Texture { public String Filepath; private int TextureID; public Texture(byte[] Filename) { Stream s = FileManager.FindText

  • OpenGL: Draw an arrowMarch 19

    I'd like to know how to draw an arrow to represent a vector position, length and direction. The issue is that I can't quite find an easy way to know the location and rotation of the triangle representing the arrow head. If it can help, I'm using Open

  • OpenGL why point's size stay the same while zooming/unzoomingMarch 19

    i'm currently working on a game engine for a college's project. While implementing some debug tools I came across a little problem. When i'm drawing point on the ModelView Matrix the point's thickness doesn't stay at scale with the other objects. Thi

  • Legal Implications of using Openal in Opentk CommerciallyMarch 13

    Myself and my friend are currently creating a game, which we plan on selling upon its completion. We are using opentk. I read over this: http://www.opentk.com/node/532 , and it pretty well describes that this is perfectly legal. However, we are using

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