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  • Syntax for a Homebrew formula depending on a caskFebruary 17

    I'm writing a homebrew formula for a project (https://www.cryfs.org). Since it is a file system, it depends on osxfuse, which is unfortunately only available as a cask. That is, the formula should have the cask as a dependency. I tried the following

  • the voice that talks to me from my computer sounds strangeFebruary 4

    My Mac desktop has Mountain Lion osx 10.8.5 installed. Since installing it, the voice that talks to me from my computer sounds strange. Why has it gone from sounding clean and advanced to . . . weird? --------------Solutions------------- You can sele

  • How to Allow outgoing traffic to ports Mac OsDecember 8

    I am not a programmer and I have no experience with coding. Therefore, I want to ask about allowing outgoing traffic to ports on a Mac. I want to open TCP:80, TCP:11031 and UDP:11235-11335 in Mac OS. What should I type in terminal for this purpose? I

  • tilde and acute accents not working

    tilde and acute accents not workingNovember 8

    I need some help. I have no idea why but today tilde and acute are not working. I checked system preference, input sources and Canadian French CSA is selected. Nothing else. When I press alt+รง I get a tilde but I cannot use it. Same thing with the ac

  • when in text/edit and wanting to print document, how do I reduce the font size. I have a MacBookApril 25

    I have a document located in text/edit and I would like to reduce the print size before printing on printer. How do I do this. I have a MacBook --------------Solutions------------- by 'text/edit' I'm assuming you mean TextEdit First, if it's not alre

  • PDF extraction renders strips of imagesMarch 15

    I have permission to use images from a catalog in my online ads (I resell their products) but they won't give me the image files (I'm a small reseller) Their catalog is available as PDFs. I've used pdfimages to extract the images, but they come out i

  • diagnosing spurious hard-drive spin-downJanuary 22

    I've got an external USB drive that is being used for backup purposes. Occasionally it will spuriously spin-down and Mac OS X will complain that the disk wasn't ejected properly. One reason I have seen suggested is that this is a known bug in OS X an

  • Why is Git failing to update?January 6

    This is actual copy/paste from my shell: machine:~ me$ brew install git ==> Downloading https://downloads.sf.net/project/machomebrew/Bottles/git-2.2.1.mountain_lion.bottle.tar.gz #######################################################################

  • Paragon NTFS for Mac v12.1.62 shutting down computers, corrupting filesDecember 4

    We have Paragon NTFS for Mac 12.1.62 on seven Mac computers. We've never had issues with Paragon for NTFS, but recently updated to version 12.1.62. Ever since, we have had multiple problems with NTFS drives crashing our computers, and important files

  • iPhone Simulator document directory not found in iOS 8November 11

    I am using OS X Yosemite ver 10.10, xcode Version 6.1 (6A1052d), iPhone simulator iOS 8.1 (12B411). I can't find the Developer folder in Library. i NSLog(@"Simualtor Directory %@",[[[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLsForDirectory:NSDocumentDirec

  • Why does DropBox occasionally add *com.dropbox.attributes files?September 5

    I've been a user of Dropbox for a few years now. Just recently I noticed that files with the extension com.dropbox.attributes started to appear in some dropbox sub-folders. Steps I create a new directory in dropbox with the intention of adding some i

  • Do any browsers allow you to play embedded MIDI files with Mountain Lion?July 6

    I have always used Safari, but now can't play MIDI files embedded in webpages. Fine. I'll switch to another browser if necessary, as playing MIDI files is pretty important to me as I'm a musician. But, so far, I've only tried Firefox, and this requir

  • Xcode Header Autocomplete

    Xcode Header AutocompleteJune 13

    I am cross-posting this from Stack Overflow because the question does not fits better in this stack exchange network. I am using Xcode 5.1.1 on Mountain Lion and creating a command line application in C++. I have some weird problems with headers and

  • Cannot "add to address book" in thunderbird on mac. Know a workaround?May 31

    Runing TB 24.5.0 on Mac 10.8.5. I configure TB so that File-"Use Mac OS X Address Book" is not selected. Can open Address Book and see addresses in "COllected Addresses" & create New contact there. But in TB cannot "add to add

  • Can I install Windows 8.1 as Bootcamp partition from OSX Mountain Lion using a USB stick?April 2

    I have the following: Bootable USB stick with Windows 8.1 - 64 bit MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion 10.8.5 The Bootcamp partition currently has Windows 7 installed. I want to know whether I can install Windows 8.1 from a USB stick into a Bootcamp parti

  • Can't access certain websitesMarch 18

    I'm trying to access the site http://www.svenskadomaner.se but it's unreachable from my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.8.5). The domain belongs to a web hosting company and it's not only this specific site I can't reach but all sites on their servers. What I've

  • Time Machine encryption versus disk encryptionMarch 18

    I'm backing up with Time Machine on a Mac Pro to an internal hard drive. I have encrypted my Time Machine backup in system preferences. This resulted in an initial backup of about 2 days, and backups are now slower than they were when unencrypted. A

  • FTP connection suddenly stopped workingMarch 12

    I was working on my server one minute, the next minute for what appears to be no reason at all, i can't connect to any of my servers via FTP. I've been trying for 4 hours so far to find a solution. I'm on OS X 10.8.5 and use Transmit for FTP. Things

  • tail a file without wrapping the lines on a macMarch 4

    I want to tail -f a file that may contain very long lines. I would also like to see one line per screen line and scroll to the side if necessary, much like Vim's zL and zH, so no line wrapping, Is there a way to accomplish this? Ideally without using

  • Can I rename a Print Queue from mcx_0, mcx_1, etc to something more descriptive?

    Can I rename a Print Queue from mcx_0, mcx_1, etc to something more descriptive?February 25

    I have some printers that are defined in Workgroup Manager in com.apple.mcxprinting. Under Always > UserPrinterList-Raw there used to be mcx_0, mcx_1, etc. dictionaries defining the printers. I recreated them using descriptive names, and they functio

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