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  • Debugging child's El Capitan login problemsFebruary 16

    My son has an account on our 2013 Mac Mini running El Capitan, guarded by Parental Controls. Every few days or so, he has a login failure that causes his login to hang on exactly the second attempt. Most logins work as normal. However, if we're going

  • Any way to log off or close apps when time limits run outJanuary 30

    My kids use Steam to play games on the Mac. Each kid gets half an hour through parental controls time limit feature. However, it just locks their account and leaves the apps running. Steam can only have one instance running at a time on a single comp

  • Set time restrictions for certain websites even on adminJanuary 18

    Is there a way to set time restrictions per day on certain websites like YouTube on my own admin account? (preferably free) I tried the application SelfControl , but there aren't many options, and I have to set it every time I want to block websites.

  • Preventing 13-year-old from downloading apps previously downloadedJanuary 10

    My 13-year-old had an Apple ID before family sharing was available. In the span of a few days he had downloaded a bunch of messaging apps on his iPhone that we, the parents, do not approve of. We deleted them and instituted family sharing (to require

  • Can Norton Family warn the user shortly before a time limit arrives?January 7

    Background I have ADHD and have been struggling with Internet overuse. I've been off my ADHD medication lately and hope to discuss this with my psychiatrist eventually. I've tried twelve-step, and am also planning to contact a doctor with an interest

  • Cannot save changes made to Parental Controls profileDecember 18

    I have Parental Controls for one of the users on my Mac. It only allows web access to a list of websites and blocks all others. Recently, however, it has been switched to "Try to limit access to adult websites". When I switch this back to "

  • How are Parental Restrictions Implemented?December 16

    I'm going to be repurposing my laptop as a media center in the near future and I was planning on using a non-admin account for day-to-day usage. I was thinking of enabling parental controls so I can lockdown what applications are allowed to run but p

  • Allowing sudo privileges, but not access to sitesDecember 15

    Is it possible to make it so a user can use the sudo command in terminal, but not have access to sites other then those allowed through parental controls, without a third party system? --------------Solutions------------- By adjusting the sudoers fil

  • Looking to adapt this terminal command to block pages, not full websitesDecember 1

    I am trying to block a specific page on a website (a Reddit thread) from being accessed on my Mac laptop. It contains the answers to a mystery game I got for my fiancée, and I want to make sure she doesn't accidentally find it and spoil the game. I r

  • How to silently prevent programs from running?November 22

    In order to save time in maintenance on a Windows Vista PC used by a relative, I decided to enforce parental controls to prevent drive-by downloads. This is working fine in principle. On some occasions, the browser runs an external program which is n

  • How to Implement Distinct DNS and Proxy Settings for Concurrent Users?November 11

    Question In order to implement parental controls on a Linux machine, how do you configure User Specific DNS configuration, or Proxy Settings? Caveats Distinct Configurations for Concurrent Users: Most importantly, if another user is logged into the s

  • Is there any way to implement parental controls in image searches on Windows 10?October 23

    I'm trying to find a way to enable parental controls on image searches. My daughter (7) has a surface pro with Windows 10, but the parental controls seem to only apply to actual sites. If she does a search on google or bing the image results don't se

  • Can't seem to block Youtube using QustodioOctober 14

    Win10: I've been limiting my kid's computer time using Qustodio mostly successfully for the past several months. However, I can't seem to block youtube. Neither an explicit youtube rule, or time limits, or category method seems to stop chrome or edge

  • webfilterproxyd flooding system.log with HTML contentOctober 14

    I happened to look at my system.log today and I discovered that it is full of what appears to be full HTML pages, put there by webfilterproxyd. Here is an example of what I mean: $ head /var/log/system.log Oct 14 08:09:18 mac.local webfilterproxyd[21

  • Plain text export of Allow Only websitesOctober 4

    I have a 10.10 Yosemite, recently bought a Blocksi router, and am in the process of migrating the settings from OSX parental controls to Blocksi. Is there a way to export the Allow Only list (i.e. Parental Controls > account > Web > Allow access

  • dis-allow delete text messagesSeptember 13

    Is it possible to remove my son's ability to delete text messages? We would like to be able to monitor his conversations without his being able to simply delete them. Any help??

  • Windows 7 parental controls: allow execution of programs shared over SAMBASeptember 11

    I couldn't get this to work. While I am able to manually add the programs to the limited(standard) user's list of allowed programs in Control Panel, the next time the user browses into the shared SAMBA folder and fires up the program, Parental Contro

  • Device enrolment Program to implement parental Control IOSSeptember 2

    I recently asked a question if its possible to implement Parental control in IOS And ended up, it can be feasible using Device enrolment program in IOS. The device enrolment profile will be installed on the device and then you can control that device

  • Block social media websitesAugust 28

    Several apps have been designed to help people stay away from distracting websites. However, none of the ones I've identified meets my specific needs, which are to block the websites I choose on all browsers on an Ubuntu OS. RescueTime does not block

  • allow run word vba macro from user via parental controlAugust 18

    setting up a user as a virtual assistant on windows 7 professional, want to limit programs that can be accessed. Using parental control to do that. I have given permission via parental control to run word 2003 and that runs fine but the word doc need

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