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  • Using Parse after Installing Parse ServerJanuary 9

    If I follow the directions and install the Parse server via Heroku and MongoDB, will I then be able to continue to use Parse commands in my code for current and new apps? That is, will following these instructions allow me to continue using Parse for

  • What is the different between Parse-server and Parse-server-example on ParsePlatform on GitHub?February 17

    I am doing migration from my Parse hosted applications to ParseServer running on AWS or Heroku slowly. The Heroku "guide to deploy to Heroku and MongoLab" uses "Parse-server-example" on GitHub while the ParseServer wiki mentions clonin

  • Parse Migration Local ServerFebruary 17

    I completed all the steps of migrating from parse to my local server windows server 2012R2 deployed mongoDB and the parse server and the node.js and python on the server and of course installed the webserver role on the window. I am now successfully

  • Parse server migration to IBM bluemixFebruary 17

    I am trying to run parse server with nodejs in ibm bluemix but it is throwing an error in parse server PromiseRouter file. PromiseRouter.js:48 throw _iteratorError; ^ ReferenceError: Symbol is not defined How can i get this resolved My App .js var ex

  • swift uitableview show only different value of an user Array

    swift uitableview show only different value of an user ArrayFebruary 17

    I'm working on a message app with parse. I would like to filter by sender the result of query but it duplicate sender for each messages. I think it is possible to find same value on a array? (in this exemple clientsArray) Any idea? Below the code tha

  • Why is the memory so high and doubling every time I re-enter the view controller?February 17

    I have a scroll view with multiple collections view within that scroll view, so I can scroll among multiple collection views, and each is a different view controller. I am importing an image and a couple of strings per cell. There are a lot of cells

  • Parse Multiple PFQueries When Number of Queries Can Change Based On UserFebruary 17

    On my iOS app, I have 6 different "Meetings" that someone could subscribe to. Doing so not only adds in that meeting to their PFInstallation Channels category, but also adds it to an Array in their PFUser class. The class I want to Query is call

  • Parse React For LoopFebruary 17

    Hi I'm trying to have a list populate based on what is in parse and when you click on it a modal pops up with more information on it. The problem I have is that when you click on one it always shows the information of the first entry and I can't seem

  • Parse promises issues [on hold]February 17

    I have beeen trying to wrap my mind around parse promises for the last week and can't get this to work. Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong pls. I need to do the following: I have an angular view with teamName and teamManager fields.

  • Null Pointer Exception on getLatitudeFebruary 17

    'double android.location.Location.getLatitude()' on a null object reference return new ParseGeoPoint(loc.getLatitude(), loc.getLongitude()); and with the ParseGeoQuery query.whereWithinKilometers("GeoArea", geoPointFromLocation(myLoc), radius);

  • Changing the Parse SDK version from Parse-1.8.0 to Parse-1.13.0February 17

    I have recently started working on migrating my Parse service to Azure service. I have all the steps done already, but now struggling with updating Parse SDK in my Android app to link to the Azure server. I used to have Parse-1.8.0 version SDK in my

  • Open fragment from notification when the app in backgroundFebruary 17

    I am using parse to push Json notifications to my app with custom receiver because I want to navigate to different places in the app and that's depends on Json value I receive, I have 2 cases to navigate: a) 7 b) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 case a opens an acti

  • Why isn't my PFObject being updated?February 17

    I'm attempting to update a PFObject. I get no error messages. It never completes - it just hangs. I've been sitting waiting for five minutes and absolutely nothing has happened. I've check network connection, ACL privileges, etc. Here is the code: UI

  • Make directory executable in terminal

    Make directory executable in terminalFebruary 17

    I'm trying to install my cloud code from my old parse server onto my new ec2 instance server using Parse's server api. Everything works great but im hung up on one side note: changing the server instance's code through amazons eb cli. The very last p

  • How to integrate Mailchimp api into my iOS Swift appFebruary 16

    I have an app I created in Swift with my database built with Parse. I know how to export data from Parse and update my subscriber list for Mailchimp, but how do I have my app automatically update that list when a user creates a new account? I've been

  • "Internal server error" when migrating Parse to Heroku/AWSFebruary 16

    I am evacuating the sinking Parse ship. Migrated data to MongoDB Tested connection with MongoDB while using api.parse.com Hosted Parse server on Heroku \ AWS both Tested the servers by going to their URL and seeing 'I dream of being web site" Updated

  • How to use "underscore" module in a nodejs application on Heroku?February 16

    I have a Node.js application deployed on Heroku. I need to use the "underscore" module in the "\cloud\main.js". I have tried the following in the main.js but it was unsuccessful: var _ = require('underscore'); When pushing the changes

  • Cloud Code Functions will not work after Parse Server migration to HerokuFebruary 15

    I followed the migration path from the parse website to Heroku. Parse initializes but I cannot find any of my cloud code functions from my JS Angular Web App, example :- Parse.Cloud.run('checkStats',{'id' : id } The network tab shows POST request wit

  • Use personal MongoDB Database with Heroku while hosting Parser ServerFebruary 15

    I am hosting Parse Server on Heroku and want to use my own MongoDB Database. But when I deploy Parse server on Heroku it comes with a preset MongoDB add-on. How can I replace the add on with my own Parse migrated Mongo DB. I am following this link fo

  • Querying two classes from Parse SwiftFebruary 15

    I am having difficulty querying two classes from Parse. What I am trying to do is, download all the users from the _User class & then all the images. After that I am trying to match all the users and images. So for ex. I have 3 users ( user 1, user 2

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