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  • OCR conversion of pdf documents [on hold]February 17

    Hi im currently doing a project that involves ocr,the main functionality here is that i need to convert pdf documents with lots of tables in it into text which then the text will be updated into a html form with same fields as in the pdf document.The

  • Convert Multi-page PDFs into images using ImageMagickFebruary 17

    Preface my question by saying I'm fairly new to Rails, I probably know just enough to be dangerous. I have a small project that should allow a user to upload a PDF file and have it rendered in the show view as a PNG. Here's what I'm using right now t

  • Cygwin: convert: unrecognized option `-d'January 25

    I use cygwin to convert a pdf file to png. It seems some installation package is missing or there is a problem somewhere D:\>convert -d 300 foo.pdf bar.png convert: unrecognized option `-d' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/1382. --------------So

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