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  • I my code is vulnerable to sql injection Its hardly coded?April 7

    Is my code is vulnerable to sql Injection.It is hardly coded if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { $content = strip_tags($_POST['cont'],'<h1>,<br>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<strong>,<a>'); $content_date = date('d-m-y'); if (!empty(

  • How to secure this line with mysqli_real_escape_string? [on hold]April 7

    I am new to this field.I am using google authentication to pull the data And i am using function check user.This is the line.But when i used mysqli_real_escape_string it simple insert a empty data to database.Ok just wait let me come to the point Is

  • Personal Video Aggregator [on hold]April 6

    I built a simple app that was inspired by this Reddit SMT Post. The purpose of the app is to be a "Save for Later" website for YouTube and Vimeo links. Once you've built up your playlist, you can watch your videos back to back from 2 separate pr

  • How to use form_input in PHPMarch 30

    I'm trying to understand how to use form_input in my PHP code. The code that I have creates a processing form that has required tags on the name and email. However, I'm struggling to understand how I'd use the form_input tag. The code that I have is

  • PHP Commands out of sync; you can't run this command nowMarch 30

    I've seen this question before but all the solutions do not work for me. The main solution is to store the result which I already do. Most people say I am running 2 simultaneous queries which I don't understand. I may have used this function below mo

  • Convert Redis hash to JSON - PHPMarch 30

    Can anyone please advise how I can convert a redis hash to JSON in php? For example I set a hash like this; HSET users:goku race sayan HSET users:goku power 9001 And I want get it to this form; $user_from_redis = {race: 'sayan', power: 9001} Any advi

  • PHP refreshing using jQuery doesn't work in IEMarch 29

    I wanted to create a function in javascript/jQuery, that uses php script to refresh some data on my website. I'm using it like this: function aval() { ... $("#dost").load("readadmin.php?date="+dzien+"&diff="+diff+"&a

  • Initial offset of number of posts in home page on the posts pageMarch 17

    I've got a problem. Im using WP_query on my static home page, and i've set up an 'archive' page (not like archives/tags etc) as my 'page 2' which has all my other posts on it. My home page is a total of 13 posts, but I was wondering, on the 'archive'

  • Translating add to cart woocommerce buttonMarch 17

    I am trying to translate add to cart button. I have 2 code snippets from woocommerce documentation here are they: FOR SINGLE PRODUCT - THIS ONE WORKS add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text', 'woo_custom_cart_button_text' ); // 2.1 +

  • Basic template engineMarch 11

    I wanted to know how I can improve it. I mainly want to look at speed and performance, but if there are any improvements please give a suggestion. <?php defined("SECURE") or exit('Please define SECURE keyword to continue.'); class template {

  • Basic SQL Help - Syntax error in Query ExpressionMarch 8

    I am beginning to learn SQL and I have made a basic .mdb table. I am trying to have a page where the user selects a book category and when they click on it, the next page will have the book content & author within the book category they chose. I curr

  • IGNORE INTO Mysql not ignoring record

    IGNORE INTO Mysql not ignoring recordMarch 8

    Here is my sql code to load csv file into database but i have lots of duplicate code generated by perl script. I want to ignore duplicate records while inserting into DB and it's work but every time it inserts one duplicate record you can see in scre

  • Switch between Jquery AJAX and PHP with target="_blank"March 7

    I have a search result displayed - in this there is an anchor tag like below. <div class="addfriend"> <a href="add_friend.php?from=kpkdhar22&id=2" id="2" target="_blank" onclick="addfriend(1, 2)&qu

  • Multiple strings for one VariablesMarch 7

    I am trying to create a system which allows for authorizing a transaction via a Admin ID. I wish to have multiple Admin ID's, to track which user made the transaction. $txtKnownAdminHash = "c0b71d437b9138ce3c1860b09b8923ebed6f8aeb3db4093458f38300f6f2

  • nginx php-fpm7 - blank screenFebruary 24

    I try to setup nginx + php-fpm with this nginx.conf: http://pastebin.com/52pFEWqT But I see blank screen in browser and in php fpm outut - 20/Feb/2016:17:07:18 +0000 "- " 200 Can you help to fix it?

  • XAMPP: running index.php leads to error (Win/Linux)February 17

    I used to use XAMPP on a Windows Computer to see how my homepage (php) works. Everything works fine without any issues. I now installed XAMPP on my Notebook which runs on Linux. Installation went fine without any problems. When I open http://localhos

  • Locating PHP extension folder using bashFebruary 5

    I'm trying to build a bash script to install the Source Guardian PHP extension however the destination directory is different on every subsequent release of Ubuntu. Installing PHP5 on Ubuntu 14.04 results in the extensions being stored in /usr/lib/ph

  • Custom Form Processing IssueJanuary 31

    I have created a form on my wordpress site, a function to process the data located in functions.php, and an action php file. I have tested the processing function and know it works, but I'm having trouble getting everything to communicate with wordpr

  • PHP Basic template engineJanuary 17

    Basic template system for PHP, I wanted to know how I can improove it? mainly I want to look and speed and performance, but if theres any improovements please give a suggestion below, thank you to everyone who helps. <?php defined("SECURE") o

  • VirusTotal explanation needed [on hold]January 15

    I have done a virustotalscan on a custom PHP script that I've just purchased for quite a lot and it gets detected by Rising AV as "JS:Trojan.Nemucod!1.A420 [F]". I have tried to look up the rising antivirus to do a scan myself but it's unfortuna

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