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  • Plugging/configuring second monitor causes logoutFebruary 13

    When I plug additional screen to my laptop while running OS there are mainly no problems, but: When I move one of screen to the other side of the second one in system settings, system logouts However if I at first put one above the other and then set

  • How to update kde version to kde plasma 5 on Kubuntu 14.04.3?

    How to update kde version to kde plasma 5 on Kubuntu 14.04.3?February 13

    I have installed kubuntu 14.04.3 in my laptop, when I check the version of kde its shows as follows, When I tried sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/kf5 in terminal, am getting response as, Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:neon/kf5'. Please check that the PPA name

  • screen artifacts in kubuntu 15.10

    screen artifacts in kubuntu 15.10January 21

    Experiencing following issues: screen artifacts/flickers when minimizing/maximizing. restarting plasma doesn't fix the issue. gui sometimes freezes and computer must be rebooted. I have been reading for several days and haven't found any silver bulle

  • "The file is not a valid icon theme archive." - KDE Plasma 5 can't install one single icon themeJanuary 7

    I have tried via the KDE Settings Icon theme installer & also the Manual way. I keep getting the The file is not a valid icon theme archive. message. Not one single theme has worked so far. Anyone has a way? The default themes supplied are worthy of

  • How can I see the window decoration icon in my Plasma 5 panel?

    How can I see the window decoration icon in my Plasma 5 panel?December 31

    On Kubuntu 15.10, Chrome apps always show with the Chrome icon in the panel, even if their window decoration has a different icon. Changing the launcher icon also does not change the panel icon, as shown: Is there a way to show the window decoration

  • No archiving/compressing tool in Dolphin context menu (Kubuntu 15.10)

    No archiving/compressing tool in Dolphin context menu (Kubuntu 15.10)December 9

    Ark is installed but there is no option to create an archive in the file manager's context menu. There is a /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ark_servicemenu.desktop. --------------Solutions------------- As I anticipated this is related to the "hybr

  • How can I edit desktop shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.10?November 17

    How can I edit desktop shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.10 ? I mean properties. The command at least. If I right click the desktop shortcut and go to icon settings, there is a keyboard shortcut, which can be handy, but that's all there is. Of course I may fin

  • KDE Telepathy Google accountOctober 28

    I recently upgraded from Kubuntu 14.10 to 15.10 (via 15.04) with Plasma 5.4. The migration from KDE SC 4 to Plasma 5 went rather smoothly (except for some weird hiccup while migrating kwallet... but that still kept working with all applications). I a

  • Icons not showing on sudo dolphin on 15.10

    Icons not showing on sudo dolphin on 15.10October 26

    Greetings again everyone, I update my system recently from 15.04 to 15.10. And among the many bizarre errors, when I open dolphin as root, by using kdesudo dolphin, no icons load. They do load normally on dolphin but not as root. EDIT: Another error

  • Black bars on Eclipse after upgrading to Kubuntu 15.10

    Black bars on Eclipse after upgrading to Kubuntu 15.10October 23

    I just upgrade my desktop to Kubuntu 15.10 from Kubuntu 15.04, and I bizarre issue started happening in Eclipse. Looks like the divisors on software are black bars, instead of the desktop color for some reason. Below you can see two images with examp

  • How to upgrade to KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 #2October 21

    Just looking for a followup to this thread without being scolded like a five year old. How to upgrade to KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 14.04.3?

  • kubuntu 15.04 trackpoint sensitivityOctober 15

    I'm running the latest kubuntu with plasma 5 on a t440s laptop. The trackpoint is very slow and there's no option to increase the sensitivity under the system input settings. The same laptop is running elementary os freya and I can adjust this via xi

  • Does anything useful happen during the KDE Plasma5 splash screen load delay? It seems to just waste timeOctober 13

    As far as I can tell the startup splashscreen after logging in on Kubuntu with Plasma5 seems to be a pointless busy loop that locks up the user interface for several seconds while nothing is achieved and everyone would be better off disabling it. Is

  • Is there a detailed user's documentation for KDE Plasma 5?September 22

    I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 and I can't find a single place with systematic description of all available desktop configuration settings. For example, I was setting Screen Locking Timeouts and I found by experiment that setting Lock screen after to

  • Issues while upgrading to plasma 5.4 in Kubuntu 15.04--freezes on bootSeptember 17

    I have a fairly recent install of Kubuntu 15.04 that I upgraded to plasma 5.4. There were no errors on upgrading, but I noticed that it didn't fully upgrade. I didn't have the option of the new application window, the clock didn't organize horizontal

  • Using superkaramba widgets in Kubuntu 15.04September 13

    Is there a way to use superkaramba widget in Kubuntu 15.04? Some web pages say that it should be possible but I could not find out how. Since no package "superkaramba" was available I installed "plasma-scriptengine-superkaramba" which

  • Calligra 2.9 and/or KDE Plasma 5 for Kubuntu 14.04September 4

    Is there a ppa or .deb package to install Calligra 2.9 for Kubuntu 14.04? I tried following the instructions for 14.10 (using the Kubuntu Backports ppa), but only version 2.8 is available. Ditto for Plasma 5.

  • kubuntu 15.04 upgrading to plasma 5.3 using kubuntu-ppa/backports failsAugust 27

    I have just upgraded to plasma 5.3 and the following 2 packages are broken - is there an easy fix to sort out this dependency problem ? sudo apt-get -f install [sudo] password for paul: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading s

  • Kubuntu 15.04 Log out only works after second attemptAugust 14

    When I attempt to log out from Plasma 5 I have to log out twice. On the first attempt the workspace closes but kwin keeps running. Then I have to use the alt+f2 runner to log out again, at which point it works successfully. I'd like to get it to resp

  • Opera 31 and Plasma 5.3: graphical issues with opera menus

    Opera 31 and Plasma 5.3: graphical issues with opera menusAugust 9

    My system config: OS: Kubuntu 15.04 x64 Plasma: 5.3.2 (installed from kde backports PPA) Notebook: Asus X200MA-KX242D Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (without proprietary drivers) QT Style: Breeze GTK+ Style: oxygen-gtk (for gtk 2 and 3 both) Sometimes I

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