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  • Website pagespeed problemJanuary 28

    I have a WordPress website. I've tested it for speed test with google tools, but I see some of errors like this: Leverage browser caching Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load p

  • W3TC article add\edit - replace image link to CDN for multi instances December 24

    We have multiple WP instances with W3TC & CDN configured. When edit\add article -> upload new image -> the image is not propagated to all WP instances, thus causing it to not appear if WP instance switches after upload. Is there a way to replace

  • White blank page when Updating/Draft/Publishing Page/PostNovember 22

    On my VPS (centos 6.7 64x, 2 cpu's and 3gb ram) I have setup a WP MU(Memory usage: 53.97 MByte)and many times I have a blank page when I make a post draft or publish/updating it, or when I want to move as an admin to another option in wp. I have adde

  • W3 total - leverage browser caching not working with cdn delivered imagesNovember 19

    I'm using W3 total cache for a while now with all my Wordpress installations. Just started to use CDN and I got some problems with leverage browser caching of my files (mostly images) that are served from my CDN. W3 total won't cache those files and

  • ubuntu + nginx - everything works except "rewrite url structure" November 18

    I'm on ubuntu vps running nginx Running w3 total cache on wordpress. Everything works fine except for when i enable "rewrite url structure", and it breaks, 404 probably to the minified files. How to proceed? Am i missing some package on my vps?

  • Wordpress causes server to block at 100% CPU when logged as adminNovember 15

    I have a dedicated server with 1.6GHz single core processor and 2GB of RAM, with Varnish for cache, nginx for serving pages, hhvm+php5-fpm for PHP, and PerconaDB as SQL DB. My WP setup includes the Sparkling theme, and a bunch of plugins(the most sig

  • Wordpress And High disk i/oNovember 13

    So i run a Wordpress BLOG with the following setup: 1.Two dedicated servers - one for application and one for database Application server specs: 32cores 126gb ram 4tb hdd running centos 7 Database Server specs : 16cores 140gb ram 3tb hdd running cent

  • RegExp to EXCLUDE strip HTML (FOR SOMME) commentsNovember 4

    I'm using this function to remove HTML comments from my code to save loading time: // Remove unwanted HTML comments function remove_html_comments($content = '') { return preg_replace('/<!--(.|\s)*?-->/', '', $content); } But I also use wt3 cache plu

  • Combine JS and CSS for WordPress adminOctober 27

    I am using W3 total cache which allows me to combine JS and CSS in the forward facing site, but is there any way I can do the same for the admin/backend/dashboard area. I can't think of a technical reason why it couldn't be done but I haven't seen a

  • How to identify which javascript is being executedOctober 27

    I am trying to figure out which script is being called and executed within my Wordpress website. I have website with a number of scripts that are included by the core, the theme and the numerous plugins i have installed. This is not just for one site

  • Cache plugins and ajax nonce verificationOctober 9

    I created a plugin which use some ajax requests to load more posts on click. I noticed that when I use a cache plugin like W3 Total cache plugin then the wp_verify_nonce($nonce, $action) fail sometimes when I'm not loggin (since cache is disabled whe

  • How to view W3 Total Cache for testing?September 4

    I've attempted to cache JSON endpoints in WordPress by following this post: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/115384 // Modify the output buffer callbacks of W3 Total Cache to work with the JSON API if (!empty($GLOBALS['_w3tc_ob_callbacks']) &&

  • can i disable cache plugin in shabbat?August 30

    I created a plugin called wp-shabbat, its checks the user ip location and calculate if it shabbat time, if so the plugin creates on the fly page that presents user time to come back and with 503 header status. I have a problem with the caching plugin

  • Plugin files not updated (cache cleared)August 20

    I'm manually uploading a plugin that I created, but no changes take effect and the file editor shows no changes unless I change the filenames within the plugin. I've already tried doing this while disabling W3 Total Cache (the only caching plugin I c

  • Enabling Cache on WP Membership Sites. Good OR Bad?August 7

    I develop wordpress membership sites and I never enable any caching plugin on those sites. I presume, if I enable caching then members might have some issues due to cache or there might be an issue during checkout process. I have never tried this tho

  • WordPress 4.2.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Creating Files as read only

    WordPress 4.2.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Creating Files as read onlyJuly 29

    Whenever I attempt to update a plugin or change my configuration for W3 Total Cache, if wordpress creates a new file, it's created with the Read Only attribute. I can upload and delete content without issue. It's just updating a plugin or the w3total

  • Caching plugins and contant reloading of pageJuly 29

    I have a site at www.clampdesign.com/dev/cwa with which I am having an odd problem. On my iPhone only (although others said they see this problem on desktop and iPads etc) the home page can't load. The page seems to flicker and it looks like it const

  • robots.txt Not UpdatingJuly 28

    Today I received an email from Webmaster Tools stating that "Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files". So I set about updating my robots.txt file located in the root of my server. Original Contents: User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow:

  • w3 total cache manual minification (file URI where to find)July 16

    manual minification with w3 total cache requires you to add js and css files to minify (by adding file URI). Where do I find a list of all js and css files of my site and their File URI-s? thanks for your help!

  • Google PageSpeed Enable Compression isn't working?

    Google PageSpeed Enable Compression isn't working?July 10

    I am trying to improve pagespeed of my website. When I test my site it tells "Compressing https://z-1-static.xx.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v2/yF/r/SQ7jeOqw5xW.js could save 188.3KiB (70% reduction)." I have W3 Total Cache installed and enabled gzip comp

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