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  • sending polymer iron form data to firebaseFebruary 15

    I want to send this form data to Firebase URL: https://blazing-heat-759.firebaseio.com/senso/ <form is="iron-form" id="form" method="post" action="/"> <paper-input name="qty2" label="Quantity

  • Can't find node by id in dom-if templateFebruary 13

    After download Polymer Starter Kit, I included a dom-if template inside (nested) the dom-bind template in index.html to hide the entire UI when user is not authenticated. However, I can't get dom-if elements using app.$$('#id') feature. I'm trying to

  • How to bring in polymer web app into google app engine javaFebruary 10

    I'm trying to figure out a workflow on how to integrate polymer into a google app engine project written in java. According to the polymer documentation to build the polymer application, you have to run gulp. This builds and then generates the dist c

  • Polymer Starter Kit did not go to mobile layout in productionFebruary 9

    I am trying to start developing my personal web using polymer starter kit as my basis. When I tried to run the web locally using python server, it all ran well and the mobile mode is working. But when I upload it into my Github, it does not change in

  • Polymer paper-fab: How to make it float inside paper-drawer-panel contentFebruary 5

    With reference to the Polymer todo-list app, I'm trying to place a paper-fab inside todo-view.html such that scrolling the main contents would result in the fab always floating in the bottom right. My code looks like this <paper-drawer-panel id="p

  • Polymer register all elements after my custom functionFebruary 2

    I have js file with this var global_actions ={}; $(document).ready(function () { myajaxcall(function(response){global_actions=response}); }); I have an elements with template : <template> ... <h1>{{global_actions.greetingtext}}</h1> ...

  • Incorporating vis.js into polymer-starter-kit version 1.2.3February 1

    I downloaded the Intermediate - Advanced users version of polymer-starter kit version 1.2.3. I then ran bower install a-dot in the polymer-starter-kit directory. I then added <script src="../bower_components/platform/platform.js"></scri

  • paper-dropdown-menu options are horizontally stacked instead of vertically stacked

    paper-dropdown-menu options are horizontally stacked instead of vertically stackedJanuary 29

    In the Polymer labs todo-list https://github.com/PolymerLabs/todo-list.git, i added a paper-dropdown menu like so in index.html <body unresolved class="fullbleed layout vertical"> <span id="browser-sync-binding"></span&g

  • Routing in Polymer Starter KitJanuary 28

    I am running Polymer Starter Kit. If I click Contact on the menu, then click Users, I am being redirected to Users page successfully. However, if I click Contact, then enter http://localhost:5000/#!/users in the location bar manually, I am not redire

  • Polymer Starter Kit routing with Page.js?January 28

    I'm using the latest Polymer Starter Kit to create a web app and I'm having a problem(s?) with routing. In the menu <paper-menu></paper-menu> I have added <dropdown-menu> <paper-menu class="dropdown-content"> is <a hre

  • Polymer 1.0 - How to use 'page' to route app and change URLJanuary 27

    Working from the Polymer 1.0 Starter Kit, I'd like to set up a new route, but I need to fire it from a function in my app.js file rather than through routing.html app._loadProject = function(e) { // do stuff here // after finished, route to our 'proj

  • Polymer: Custom elements' assets like images and stylesheetsJanuary 24

    I have a custom element which uses custom images. Folder structure of the custom element is as follows: /custom-element --/images --image1.png --image2.png --custom-element.html Now, when I run the default gulp task, my images folder is not exported

  • PageJs pretty URLs in Polymer aren't workingJanuary 22

    I'm having some difficulties to use pretty Urls in my application which is Polymer 100% app and powered by Firebase. It's based on Polymer Starter Kit 1.2.0. I'm wanting to access the route localhost:5000/user/edit. If I'm in the home page (localhost

  • Polymer neon-animation: Element is remains visible after animatingJanuary 14

    I downloaded the Polymer Starter Kit and am trying to animate an paper-element like so <section data-route="contact"> <button on-click="_onButtonClick">Toggle</button> <my-dialog> <paper-material elevation=&q

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