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  • Cannot connect via ssh to server with global IP addressFebruary 7

    I have the no-ip service running on my raspberry pi, it updates the DNS (no-ip) whenever there is a change to it's IP address. I have enabled port forwarding on my router (Asus rt-n66u) ports 22 & 80, pointing to the intranet IP of the pi. I have not

  • Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 router

    Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 routerJanuary 2

    I believe I have set up my port forwarding correctly. TPG (my internet provider) said port forwarding is possible with them and they don't block any ports. Multiple port checkers state the port is false, I've read lots of port forwarding port trouble

  • How to get real source address of a packets in NAT'd VMJuly 3

    Host OS Ubuntu with live IP address . And a Ubuntu VM running in Virtual Box with NAT network configuration. I need to SSH my VM from external network with IP address . So I configure port forwarding on my host with help of this link.

  • iptables: Allow private IP/VM external access and forward one port to this private IP/VMJuly 2

    I am running a server with 3 VMs having static IPs. All fine here :) I added a new private network with virsh: connected with virbr1. All 4 machines have virtual NICs for internal connection and are doing fine. Now I want the new int

  • Port forwarding & server: age of empires 2June 23

    I'm trying to build my own server for AoE 2 + conqueros. I thought that I can simple give to others my public IP address and forward port on router. My PC will so start working as a real server and users can simply connect to me using my public ip ad

  • Iptables forward one port to many clientsJune 23

    Centos 7 and Strongswan version 5.3.5. I have just setup strongswan on a Centos 7 system, and everything appears to be working well. I used this document as a template for the setup: https://www.vultr.com/docs/using-strongswan-for-ipsec-vpn-on-centos

  • VPN and port forwarding basics February 17

    I am a newbie, Can anyone tell me which will be the good method for accessing a web app node red from my raspberry pi in my home network to anywhere. I tried vpn but having issues, tried port forwarding but security issues so closed it, now working o

  • Port forwarding through network sharingFebruary 16

    Right now, I have two computers: a laptop ( with Ubuntu that's sharing it's WiFi with my other desktop ( through Ethernet. On my desktop, I'm trying to set up a server but none of my port forwards on my router are going through

  • Port Forwarding not working anymore

    Port Forwarding not working anymoreFebruary 15

    I've tried every solution I've come across and none of them have fixed my issue. Port forwarding used to work flawlessly. I have a dynamic IP, but that doesn't matter because it used to still work nonetheless, also the IP hasn't changed for months...

  • Can Someone Explain Why this firewalld Command Does Not Work as Expected?February 14

    matiu asked the question of how they can do port forwarding for a single source IP address. You can read the original question here. I provided the following commands as an answer. I based my answer on research of firewalld commands and my existing k

  • BeEf Famework Kali-2 configurationFebruary 13

    I am running Kali-2(rolling 1 latest) in Vmware workstation 12. I have forwarded my ports and am using NAT. The beef framework links only seem to work within the local network. Any specific reason? Must I host a server? If yes - then please do direct

  • Linux game server is unreasonably slowFebruary 13

    I just set up an old MMO from 2002 or so (Astonia) on a 32-bit clean install of Ubuntu, as it was just brought to my attention that the game in open source and I figured, why not? When the server is running, it takes <1% CPU and <0.5% RAM. However,

  • verizon router port forwarding connection refused postgres request

    verizon router port forwarding connection refused postgres requestFebruary 13

    Initially I thought the problem was how I had the database set up in the Tomcat config files.. I've spent the entire day going through all of my settings with a fine toothed comb and can't find anything. I even refactored my entire project at the sug

  • Port forwarding issues with TD-W9980February 13

    I bought a new modem/router (TP-Link TD-W9980) because I had trouble port forwarding my last modem. I have forwarded the ports on my router but the ports are still closed. I have set up a static IP to no avail. Anything I need to disable/enable/confi

  • Asus RT-N66U Port Forwarding with VPN to PIAFebruary 12

    I have an Asus RT-N66U router (using the latest firmware) that is connected to my ISPs fiber modem using PPPoE. I have signed up for VPN access to PIA and setup the router to connect using its VPN client. I also have a number of ports that I've opene

  • Port Forwarding - Apache listen at port 72 or any works fine but in port 80 doesn't workFebruary 9

    My apache is running on port 80. When I go to router setting and set the port forwarding from 80 to port 80 in my lan ip of my computer, it doesn't work remote. But if I change the apache to port 72 or any other port and set the port forwarding to th

  • How can I temporarily map a remote host and port to a local port?February 9

    Say I have a machine A acting as a router with two NICs and the following IP addresses: eth0: (LAN) eth1: (WAN) And I have another machine B on IP address that I want to be able to temporarily reach into a device on mach

  • port forwarding for mail serverFebruary 9

    How should look port forwarding in my router, if I have mail server in my network along with PC's? I want to be able to receive and send messages from server. Will not port forwarding break my IMAP clients in the same network? My router is NETIASPOT

  • apt-get update using 80 portFebruary 9

    I am on a network where some IPs and ports are blocked. I cannot use apt-get properly. When I run sudo apt-get update I get error. Some part of the error: W: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the p

  • How to make LAMP server publicly accessible?February 9

    I bought a Pi2 in order to host a web server off my ASUS RT-N66U router running the latest Merlin firmware. I have LAMP stack running (followed http://www.instructables.com/id/Turning ... /?ALLSTEPS and also changed AllowOverride to All for ) and hav

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