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  • SSH RDP Tunnel and Port ConnectionFebruary 24

    Tried doing some research but can't really figure out the solution (or how to troubleshoot further) for this problem. Objective and Reasoning for setting this up: SSH Tunnel RDP from work to home computer. At work, most ports are blocked, but I am ab

  • Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 router

    Can't port forward on my static public IP with my TD-W9980 routerJanuary 2

    I believe I have set up my port forwarding correctly. TPG (my internet provider) said port forwarding is possible with them and they don't block any ports. Multiple port checkers state the port is false, I've read lots of port forwarding port trouble

  • Rtmplite and Open Broadcaster Software

    Rtmplite and Open Broadcaster SoftwareOctober 30

    I'm messing around with Rtmplite (found here), a Python implementation of an RTMP server. I'm doing this because I have an old computer running SunOS 5.10 that I want to use to stream a friend's screen beside my screen on TwitchTV. Right now I'm just

  • Netcat FTP active mode file transfer not workingFebruary 18

    Im trying to download a file from a FTP server using active mode.However,it looks like my connection just"expire" or something each time.First,I open a port on my computer using netcat,ex: nc -vv -l -p 62077 this will listen on port 62077 on my

  • Port forward a random port to access a closed port with itFebruary 17

    As the title says, i'm trying to figure out if it's possible to forward port 64400 for example to port 22. On my router i have opened port 64400 and closed port 22, but i can't connect to my ssh. Is there anyway to do this port forward only from the

  • OVS mirrored port not visible (pakets not recived to) inside vmFebruary 17

    I'm trying to use openvswitch in virtualBox. I have three ports (p1,p2,p3) attached to an OVS bridge (br1). I run the following command to mirror all packets from p1 & p2 to p3. ovs-vsctl -- set Bridge br1 [email protected] -- [email protected] get Port p1 -- --id=@

  • segfault when setting c socket to nonblockingFebruary 17

    I am working with sockets, and am running into a segmentation fault when trying to set the socket to non-blocking. Here's the specific part of the code that fails: int read_msg(UDPServer *server) { struct sockaddr from; socklen_t addrlen; //fprintf(s

  • Iptables port forwarding to a tunnel / proxyFebruary 16

    I have a publicly accessible server, let's say with IP and with GRE tunnel with IP and application server on the other side with IP The application server has public IP (let's say as well. What I'm trying t

  • Are different port numbers assigned for different tabs opened in a browserFebruary 16

    I want to know if different port numbers are assigned to different tabs opened in a browser. Since on a network every tab inside a browser is running a different process,there must be some way to differentiate between them. But i want to clear my con

  • Docker ports are not exposedFebruary 15

    I set up a simple node server in Docker. Dockerfile FROM node:latest RUN apt-get -y update ADD example.js . EXPOSE 1337 CMD node example.js example.js var http = require('http'); http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Ty

  • Connection from Java UI container to couchDB container refusesFebruary 15

    I have a question regarding Java and couchDB. My setup: - a Java UI with an interface to the DB - a couchDB inside a container, exposed on localhost:5984. Well. I have realized a connection between both in my local Windows machine, which worked perfe

  • When should a port 9040 used for?February 14

    A firewall rule for my web app ( python) is created with allowed protocol tcp:9040. I added my domain and created DNS zones, however I still don't get to see my app when I type my domain in the address bar. I have to type my "external ip address:9040

  • DEPLOYING SYSTEM WIDE DEFINE FEATURE(just like in ios) [on hold]February 12

    I have been an ios user for quite some time now and since english is not my first language the define feature really helps me when i read novels(or web articles) and i would really like to have that feature in my samsung tab s2. Any ideas on how to g

  • C# listen on all serial ports [on hold]February 12

    What is the simplest, most graceful way to monitor all serial ports looking for text coming in? My C# skills are not that good so code samples would be wonderful. I am writing an app where I have an Arduino plugged into a PC that has some undefined n

  • Run Multiple node application in same port ec2February 10

    I'm from java background, i started using node js and im loving it now. I have read the other threads similar to my questions before im posting it in SO. I have 3 different node application(app 1, app2, app3) Usually if its in java i will deploy thre

  • Can't find port 3000 after killing processFebruary 10

    What happened was, I was fiddling with node, but when I killed node with ctrl+c, and started it up again i got an EADDRINUSE error: EADDRINUSE, Address already in use So I followed the advise given for killing :3000 using its PID: Kill localhost:3000

  • port forwarding for mail serverFebruary 9

    How should look port forwarding in my router, if I have mail server in my network along with PC's? I want to be able to receive and send messages from server. Will not port forwarding break my IMAP clients in the same network? My router is NETIASPOT

  • How to configure android hotspot for running a server on connected pc?February 8

    So I have rooted LG G3 and I'm using it as my router. I want to run a website on port let's say 8888 and the question is how can I make it available for people from the Internet? If that's port forwarding how do I setup it step by step? For now I'm u

  • Recommended GIT gui client, able to work on a custom-mapped port repositoryFebruary 8

    I've installed git server in my private home environment. Let's say that is on a port different than 80 ( for example 12345 ). How can I make my day to day operations using my system in the port I mapped ? I did not use 80, because I need it for some

  • Vagrant host with forwarded port only shows default index.htmlFebruary 7

    I'm setting up a vagrant machine with a forwarded port. config.vm.network "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 4567 I'm trying to access the site on port 4567 on my host machine, but I can only get the default /var/www/html/index.html from apache.

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