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  • PostGIS 1.5 Errors with PostgreSQL 8.4December 11

    I am trying to add PostGIS functionality to a database that I created in PostgreSQL using the following command: psql -d <db_name> -f /location/to/this/file/postgis.sql However, I receive a bunch of errors relating to 'geometry does not exist', but

  • Error while make Build osm2pgrouting on openSUSE 13.2November 13

    i am getting the error while make /usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.8/../../../../x86_64-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lpq collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[2]: *** [osm2pgrouting] Error 1 make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/osm2pgrouting.dir/a

  • Spatial search performance on a collection of Points in a PostGis databaseOctober 25

    Let's assume you have a huge PostGis spatial table (using Postgresql 9.2, postgis 1.5) : BIGTABLE ( p Point, someData varchar ) which contains millions of records. Each record has been created with a Point and each point has an associated varchar dat

  • PostGIS 1.5 libstdc++ errorOctober 24

    After some package updates on my Debian machine all my database queries involving postgis functions or types are returning: Error message from server: ERROR: could not load library "/usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/lib/postgis-1.5.so": /lib/x86_64-linux-

  • Get lat/lon in degrees using PostGISJuly 29

    I downloaded the shape file https://dati.comune.milano.it/media/rdp/comunemilano/dati/MM_FERMATE.7z, it represents the Milan's subway stations. I used ogrinfo to output the shapefile's summary and guess the SRID: $ ogrinfo -summary MM_FERMATE.shp MM_

  • How do I query for geometry inside the Arctic Circle?May 2

    I have a large PostGIS database of lat/lon points. How can I query for any points that lie above the Arctic Circle? --------------Solutions------------- Isn't simply if the Latitude is greater thank 66° 33′ 44 ( 66.5622°) North? Assuming, that: your

  • How to create random points in a polygon in PostGIS

    How to create random points in a polygon in PostGISMarch 17

    I have a polygon layer, and would like to generate random points in each polygon. An initial searching in Google resulted this website which presents a function for this purpose: http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/wiki/UserWikiRandomPoint The function I'm

  • How to make a good table or view for QGIS in PostGIS?March 17

    I have a PostGIS db from OpenStreetMap (osm2pgsql) with my custom table. There are two problems with it: When I list tables, the columns from my table are scanned for geometry type, and it takes several minutes. OSM tables are read instantly. I don't

  • Why can't I perform any operation over a 700MB MIF file containing 5 multipolygons? It takes foreverMarch 12

    I'm trying to work with a MIF file containing 5 really big multipolygons, but every operation I try takes hours, or just crash because of memory issues. Mainly using ogr2ogr, to transform MIF file to other format, like SHP or PostGIS. Unsuccessful, s

  • Problem with result of query in PostGIS

    Problem with result of query in PostGISMarch 1

    I run the following query and irrelevant of the point coordinates and radius I always recieve all the records of the table I'm querying. Can anyone point out what the problem could be with this query? SELECT * FROM Buildings WHERE ST_DWithin(geom, ST

  • Problem with reading data from PostGIS as KML file using PHPFebruary 24

    I am using the following PHP code in order to read data from PostGIS and save it in KML format as a file. When I load the page a document with ".PHP" extension is returned (not .kml) which inside has the data in KML format. The page returns no e

  • Problem in running query on PostGIS using PHPFebruary 23

    Would you kindly help me solving this problem. I'm trying to use the PHP code provided here in order to read geo-data from PostGIS. The code seems clear without any problem (also nobody has encountered any problem using it), but when I run it, gives

  • Loading Shapefiles into PostGIS using shapefile import/export managerFebruary 19

    I am a complete beginner with PostGIS. I've started learning it using the tutorials provided by Boundless. In section 4 of this tutorial where I want to import shapefile in PostGIS, I do not have the PostGIS shapefile Import/Export Manager tool in th

  • How can I do spatial queries in client side?January 31

    My current project is Map visualization. In this application I am taking the Input as JSONArray/CSV file and the outputs are Heat Map, pin Map, Thematic Map etc.. So, here I am using postGIS for only to store boundaries(like state/county/city..). Als

  • Copy a spatial table from one PostGIS database to another PostGIS databaseJanuary 27

    I have two PostGIS databases on two different servers. The first server is PostGIS 2.0 and the second server is PostGIS 1.5. On the PostGIS 2.0 I have a table "lakes" with MULTIPOLYGON geometry column. My task is to copy my table from the PostGI

  • How can I ensure srid is properly set on Postgis when importing shapefile?November 7

    I am uploading a shapefile to Postgis via Geoserver rest api but I end up with querying issues especially with srid i.e "ERROR: XX000: Operation on two geometries with different SRIDs". The import has been working fine but for unknown reasons th

  • Import Error:No module named shapely.wkb

    Import Error:No module named shapely.wkbSeptember 25

    OpenERP GeoEngine I have installed OpenERP 6.1 version, works fine .,When i'm trying to add CamptoCamp GeoEngine Modules with OpenERP getting below find eror: Installation Prerequisites: OpenERP 6.1,CamptoCamp GeoEngine modules(sales,partner) ,Python

  • PostGIS package problem on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTSJuly 29

    I've started getting an error on Ubuntu when trying to upgrade packages: "Not all updates can be installed Run a partial upgrade, to install as many upgrades as possible" When I run a partial upgrade, I get this: "Could not calculate the up

  • how to differentiate between common parts of the triangle and extract linestring from it

    how to differentiate between common parts of the triangle and extract linestring from itJune 18

    Can you help me break down shape A to different linestrings: lines 2 & 3 AND line 1? The shape contains three different polygons (A, B, C). I wish to determine the start/end point of each part with the common points of the other polygons. I'm using P

  • Select features within a country or bounding box effectively using PostGISJune 1

    I imported the planet OSM file into a PostgreSQL 9.2/PostGIS 1.5 server using osm2pgsql. I now want to select certain map features which lie within the bounding box formed by a countries borders, e.g. all rivers and lakes within Germany. I've come up

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