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  • Professional Powerpoint design from IndesignJanuary 13

    I just have some very basic questions regarding how a professional designer would approach creating an impressive Powerpoint presentation using todays techniques. The presentation has to be made in Powerpoint so is it better to create it in Indesign

  • Recommendations for Slide Title DesignOctober 9

    I'm looking for design recommendations for titles on slides. My inclination is to treat it like I would a section header on a website or in print - that it should be bold and grab the reader's attention. Thus, use a heavier weight or a different font

  • What is a good workflow for Presentation Design?August 8

    A client wants a presentation design that he can edit and change after, including elements such as: template frame, body copy, lists, calls-to-action, animations, custom vector graphics, mockups - you get the point! What is the best way to undertake

  • When presenting a logo to a client what type of paper should I use? July 20

    I am presenting a logo ( and other branding ) to a client. I know that I should present the logo as it will be used, so I will be using card stock for the business card version; and their stationary paper for the letterhead etc., but I would like to

  • How can I create perspective in Sketch 3

    How can I create perspective in Sketch 3May 21

    Is it possible to create perspective in Sketch 3? (i.e. https://www.behance.net/gallery/26322013/SkyAdventures) In Photoshop, I would use a perspective tool, but I'm not sure how to do this in Sketch 3. On a related note, are there any useful tutoria

  • Is there an alternative way, instead of Adobe DPS, for read an interactive pdf with buttons and slideshow on mobile devices and ipads?January 29

    I did a pdf presentation with a simple layout with a first part with clickable numbers. All those numbers are buttons that activate a "popup" with texts and pics. On desktop it's quite ok, it works, but on iPad the "show/hide button" f

  • How do you present a logo to a client? December 18

    I am newbie and would like guidance on How do you present the logo to a client visually in a professional way? What are the different ways of presenting a logo to a client? If there are links to these resources, I will highly appreciate. ------------

  • How do you present interactive webdesign?

    How do you present interactive webdesign?December 18

    The interactivity becomes more and more presents in our design for the web, but has anyone found a good way to presents the interactivity to the client ? I talk mainly about the small animations like these one: A hover on a button An effect on the na

  • Powerpoint-like presentations with InDesign?November 20

    So I'll have to create a few presentations and I'm not sure what software I want to use. I distinctly dislike the Microsoft Office programs; I have used LibreOffice Impress before, but it wasn't my cup of tea as well. I refuse to use Prezi for ... re

  • How to brand my company car onlineOctober 19

    Wondering is there any sites where I can make an example embodiment of branding my company car. Just to put some colours and logo on it, yo how it will look like. Thanks. --------------Solutions------------- I think the word you're looking for is "mo

  • Does adding navigation to presentation slides help the audience?September 16

    I'm creating a presentation template and I'm thinking of placing a little navigation on one side of the page to show viewers where they are in the presentation and whats left. Does this make sense? --------------Solutions------------- Avoid conventio

  • Are there any presentation software or sites besides Microsoft Powerpoint?June 22

    Are there any good presentation software/websites besides Microsoft Powerpoint that are Free Simple to use Doesn't require sign up Thanks. --------------Solutions------------- I would suggest Prezi. It is a different way of presenting stuff, but I be

  • How can I create realistic business card mockups?

    How can I create realistic business card mockups?June 3

    I'm trying to produce the effect in the below image: I'd preferably like to do this with Photoshop or Illustrator. How can this be accomplished? --------------Solutions------------- If you want a quick and easy solution, I recommend searching for PSD

  • Creating an interactive publication for Android/iOS/PDF/WebApril 16

    I have rudimentary desktop publishing experience, and I would like to create a resume (not in the publishing field!) that I can give to prospective clients as a free iOS app (iPad/iPhone), Android App, and Web Page/PDF (for those on a desktop compute

  • Industry secrets of effective brochure / advert designApril 11

    I don't have a formal education in design, so have never been taught any industry secrets or methodologies of general design. I am however a seasoned web & graphic designer, and usually end up doing a full re-brand or brand refresh for companies when

  • How can I convey complexity of source code without showing code?

    How can I convey complexity of source code without showing code?March 16

    I just created a big web application, and I need a way to present it. I want to allow people to visualize the amount and complexity of code I coded ("wow this is a giant bunch of code" and "wow this code is sooo complex(independent of the f

  • How to do a prototype print of a business card

    How to do a prototype print of a business cardFebruary 13

    I'm a newbie in the freelancer world. I started creating logos and business cards and I show it to my customers. Well, I always face a problem how to present my work in a professional and a nice way. I need to know how to do a prototype print of a bu

  • Eye pleasing aspect ratio for slides and handoutsFebruary 12

    Assuming that there are no restrictions like the ratio of a screen; what is an eye pleasing ratio for presentation slides and handouts (containing information about the presentation)? Is it something to consider or negligible? Can it be generalized?

  • 3d packaging mockupsFebruary 5

    Is there a simple way to create a 3D looking cardboard box to show off what some packaging might look like. Photoshop solutions would be helpful. I would like to be able to change the images on the sides. --------------Solutions------------- There ar

  • Are people in science-related fields appreciating clean and simple slides?February 3

    I am currently doing a master study in marine biology. Most of the slides in presentations I see (from students as well as teachers) are extremely cluttered with information and visually completely unappealing. There was never another approach than u

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