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  • Profibus DP RS485 Polarity

    Profibus DP RS485 PolarityFebruary 8

    I am implementing a device which communicates on Profibus DP. In order to get the communication with my Siemens S700 PLC to work, I have to reverse the order of the 'A' and 'B' differential signal leads. The profibus communication is implemented by a

  • can i interface profinet protocol to ethernet interface?November 10

    i have a profinet device and an Ethernet port which is dedicated for KNX protocol. can i connect my profinet device to this Ethernet port?

  • Why is Ethernet not intrinsically safe?

    Why is Ethernet not intrinsically safe?September 11

    I understand from a training session that ProfiBUS is considered intrinsically safe, while ProfiNET is not. Some googling indicates that ProfiNET can never be intrinsically safe, because Ethernet can not be. This surprises me, as Ethernet over fiber

  • Analog signals in profibus

    Analog signals in profibusJune 14

    I've read that in Profibus, both analog and digital signals can be transmitted on the same wire. I'm curious how this happens and wasn't able to find an answer on google. Could someone please explain or point me in the right direction. --------------

  • Adding Profibus capabilities to a productApril 14

    We are currently developing a product and now the "idea" has come up to integrate Profibus since it is quite used in that specific area. Now I was wondering if anyone has made such a product. If I understand correctly, Profibus is actually a RS-

  • AVR or Arduino Profibus interface project?September 14

    Is there an open source solution to interface any profibus slave or master chips? EDIT1: These are the latest finds for a Profibus slave AVR solution: AVR GCC with up to 187.5Kbps profibus slave in software AVR GCC with up to 12Mbps profibus slave in

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