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  • Writable Atomic property - cannot pair a synthesized getter with a user defined setterJanuary 10

    I have defined an atomic attributed property in my application but now find a new to override the setter so as to update some UI element whenever it is changed. However, I get the aforementioned warning. Is there a way to nullify this warning or if n

  • React Native passing of propsFebruary 17

    Having a really hard time with figuring out why I dont have access to a variable I should have access to. I have a constructor constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { endpoint:props.url }; console.log(props.url);// Prints url as intended co

  • Forms that are technically the same size have different sizes at runtimeFebruary 17

    I've been getting this problem with a C# application. The main form (the one in Application.Run()) has its size set to 1300, 800, and I edited all the other forms' size property to be the same. However, at runtime, the main form is considerably bigge

  • How to use ObjectProperty ? with fxml and PropertyValueFactory?February 17

    I have this TableView <TableView fx:id="tableView"> <columns> <TableColumn prefWidth="220.0" text="Source"> <cellValueFactory> <PropertyValueFactory property="sourceContract" /> </ce

  • Extracting Windows File Properties (Custom Properties) C#

    Extracting Windows File Properties (Custom Properties) C#February 17

    In Word/Excel you have to possibility to add Custom properties. (See Image) . As you guys can see there is the field: "Properties:", you can add any information you want there. When you save the file and you go to the file location in the folder

  • Using placeholder in XML file to placing the value from a properties fileFebruary 17

    I would like to have palceholder in my xml file which places the value from a properties file. The SystemProperty.xml file is just a global system configuration file, not any kind of spring configuration, which looks like that <?xml version="1.0&q

  • how does this if statement works and means? (Javascript)February 16

    This function counts number of all characters of a string into a string. I am not fully understanding the if statement here and how it works. function getFrequency(string) { var freq = {}; for (var i=0; i<string.length;i++) { var character = string[i

  • Binding multiple properties?February 16

    I'm trying to draw a bezier curve and bind all its values: <PathFigure StartPoint="20,20" IsClosed="False"> <BezierSegment Point1="70,130" Point2="220,20" Point3="180,160"/> </PathFigure>

  • setter method in pythonFebruary 15

    I know this has been asked before and the answer is to use @properties, but I believe in my case this is different. I have a program that uses a class 'GUI', which then uses tkinter. In tkinter a variety of variables are set, for example gui.statusba

  • Can't add property to object (Cannot set property of undefined)February 15

    I am having problems with adding properties to an object. I want it to, when you click like, it will create a new property inside the "scores"-object and then increment that value by one. But I am getting this error when doing this: Uncaught Typ

  • loop through a list of propertiesFebruary 15

    I got following problem. I have a view properties in my class which access a config and can raise a ValueError if the user added garbage to the config. I would like to write a method to check my config-file for errors, so I thought I look through eve

  • Add fucntion call to WicketStuff Spinner propertiesFebruary 15

    How do you put a function call to the java.util.Properties' onIncrement, onDecrement, afterUpdate or onStop property of WicketStuff's Spinner configure method? I tried the following but the function is not called: TextField<String> textField = new T

  • object ineheriting from list, attributes pointing to list itemsFebruary 15

    I'm building a python3 object Foo that inherit from list. Actually, it's a grammatical tagger for language analysis. I need the following behavior: object Foo must be iterable some attributes (strings or integers) are items inside the iterable. some

  • How to access NSURLConnection Delegate propertyFebruary 15

    Why is it not possible to do the following: id connectionDelegate = myConnection.delegate; //myConnection is an instance of NSURLConnection Why is this not possible, and how do I access the delegate otherwise. Seems rather awkward to me, or am I miss

  • C# creating instance of a class in side another classFebruary 15

    I have an application that has multiple dynamic custom user controls to gather edge names and curve offsets in datagridviews. My goal is to enter them into a class with some methods to retrieve some common groups of data to process later. I have one

  • Getting property named `foo`February 14

    I have class A: foo = 'f' baa = 'b' @property def foo(self): return self.foo @property def baa(self): return self.baa I want to make this procedure: get(myclass, prop): which gets the property of the class. For example a = A() and get(a, 'foo') gives

  • Environement is Null when I try to AutowireFebruary 14

    I am trying to use Environment abstraction & @PropertySource of Spring to load and use properties in my @Configuration annotated classes. However I get Environment as null in my PropertyConfig class as it is accessed from another @Configuration class

  • += operator does not call property setterFebruary 13

    I am using the follow code in Embarcadero C++Builder XE8. In Unit1.h: private: void SetValue (Currency value); Currency FValue; public: __property Currency Value = {write= SetValue , read=FValue}; In Unit1.cpp: void TForm1::SetValue(Currency _Value)

  • Google App Engine - Search for stringProperty in pythonFebruary 13

    I am new Google App Engine so I followed the HelloWorld and Guestbook tutorial for Python to start with. Now I would like to query for a specific string in my class but I can not find the appropriate doc in GAE documentation. I have the following : c

  • JAVA questions regarding super() keyword and .properties file from GRAL installationFebruary 13

    As a JAVA beginner, I tried using GRAL via a tutorial. I came about the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException: Property file not found: drawablewriters.properties This runtime error came from the following lines of unaltere

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