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  • Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) with invalid candidate solutionsFebruary 14

    I created a simple model for an off-grid neighborhood its energy balance, based on solar, wind and some energy storage. I use PSO to find the minimum required solar and wind capacity required for no loss of power throughout a full year. More capacity

  • Possible solution, in the the particle swarm optimization (PSO)February 13

    In the particle swarm optimization (PSO), the coordinates of each particle represent a possible solution.(Computational Intelligence in Power Engineering edited by Ajith Abraham, Swagatam Das), page.296 For example, if we have: x1 = (3,2,4) x2 = (7,2

  • What are the particles (code wise) in Particle / Genetical Swarm Optimization algorithm?

    What are the particles (code wise) in Particle / Genetical Swarm Optimization algorithm?February 8

    Edit Hi, I am trying to implement Particle (or Genetical) Swarm Optimization. However, I am already stuck in the first step... I am getting confused on how to initialise the particles, and what these particles (in terms of code) are. I've found vario

  • Particle Swarm Optimization: what means gBest value?

    Particle Swarm Optimization: what means gBest value?January 27

    I am designing a Particle Swarm Optimization simulator for MATLAB and I have a doubt about the gBest local position. As I understood reading about the algorithm, gBest value identify the global best value that has EVER discovered by the particles. Ho

  • Fish Swarm algorithm issueJanuary 25

    I've got a project, to create a very basic PSO (fish swarm) on matlab. What I've done so far: 1) I've setted the dimensions of the axis, 2) I create a fish swarm of 50 fishes with random x,y coordinates and I plot them (the swarm coordinates are save

  • training neural network with psoJanuary 14

    I need to understand how can I optimise weight with particles, I know that the algorithme is based on Pbest, gbest, and then calculate velocity, and update weight but what's velocity in neural network, pso is it back propagation ?? I need to help me

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