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  • puppet dashboard: format mismatch while importing reportsOctober 1

    a brand-new puppet-dashboard 2.0.0-beta1 can't import any reports: delayed_job workers complain: Importing report at 2015-10-01 04:55 UTC Attribute was supposed to be a Array, but was a ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess Backtrace app/models/re

  • Puppet-Dashboard Doesn't Load With Ruby Gem Passenger 5June 16

    Has anyone encountered problem of running Puppet Dashboard on Ruby Passenger 5? If yes does it really work with that Passenger version? I've already setup and configured the necessary files required to run Puppet Dashboard via Passenger. Currently, t

  • PUPPET: Where could be the templatedir if its not in puppet.conf?March 19

    I want to remove templatedir from the puppet conf so that there won't be a deprecation error. But its not under puppet.conf or anywhere else I guess. I've grepped for that line almost everywhere.. --------------Solutions------------- The templatedir

  • Puppet CRLs in an environment where 'puppet' doesn't resolve rightFebruary 11

    Due to political reasons above the technical layer, the bareword puppet does not resolve to the correct puppetmaster for parts of our infrastructure. These areas have their own, independent puppetmaster and CA. Today I discovered that... we did somet

  • Puppet Dashboard giving "The environment must be purely alphanumeric" error under PassengerDecember 23

    Please refer to this gist for the puppetmaster.conf and dashboard-vhost.conf files. I have my Puppetmaster (3.7.3) running on CentOS 6.5 under Apache and Passenger on port TCP/8140. It works fine. But my Puppet dashboard, also running under Passenger

  • CentOS 6.6 Apache 2.2.15 Invalid Command SSLCARevocationCheckNovember 14

    I found this which seemed to be related. But unfortunately I have the Include and the ssl.conf file. I have also verified the the revocation file exists and the path is correct. I have also set my SE Linux to permissive. I would appreciate any help.

  • Can Puppet File Source be from a web service?October 27

    Is there a (simple) way to have puppet use a file available on the internet for the Source property of a File? eg: file { "/home/text.txt": source => [ "http://www.example.com/text.txt", ] } --------------Solutions------------- It's

  • How do I keep MySQL from ever increasing it's disk space usage when used with puppet-dashboard?

    How do I keep MySQL from ever increasing it's disk space usage when used with puppet-dashboard?August 27

    The setup We have a Debian Linux set up with MySQL v5.1.73 (innoDB storage engine) and puppet-dashboard version 1.2.23. As you probably guessed, puppet-dashboard is using MySQL as its backend. Also, it shouldn't be relevant but this a VMware virtual

  • Puppet Enterprise 3.3 Not Adding Modules to ClassesAugust 5

    I am running Amazon Linux with a stock install of Puppet Enterprise 3.3. When I launch the command: puppet module install puppetlabs-ntp As per the puppet labs documentation, it does not show up in my available classes list. I installed Puppet Enterp

  • Puppet reporting without masterJanuary 16

    I am planning a Puppet infrastructure for about 100-200 servers. This is the design so far: Stash (git) for storing puppet config (not planning on using a master). Hiera to query either yaml, json, or possibly couchdb for sensitive (passwords) variab

  • Puppet dashboard monitor via puppetSeptember 17

    Did anyone else find it strange that puppet labs recommends tools like monit to monitor the dashboard worker processes? http://docs.puppetlabs.com/dashboard/manual/1.2/bootstrapping.html Monitoring the Monitor For additional reliability, you might wa

  • Centos - cant access node from puppet dashboardAugust 3

    I am trying to setup puppet's dashboard to be monitor the status of my servers. With the below shown configurations, my clients (or nodes) only show up as Unreported and says Has not reported in the dashboard overview - however the node can communica

  • Could Puppet-reports be removed once these have been processed by Puppet-dashboard or PuppetDB?July 9

    Puppet-reports are using a lot of diskspace in: /var/lib/puppet/reports /var/lib/mysql The assumption is that it stores all reports in the MySQL database, because both paths are about the same size. The resource_statuses table consist of rows that ea

  • Puppet not applying config but returns without errorMay 29

    Using Puppet 3.2.1 attempting server / client setup, running both on same host. I'm also using puppet-dashboard and puppetdb. My manifest/init.pp: node 'my.fqdn' { file { '/tmp/test': ensure => present } Running puppet agent --test --server my.fqdn -

  • Can't generate certificate for puppet-dashboardMay 8

    I can't generate the cert for use with puppet-dashboard. The dashboard is running on the same host as the puppet-master, both of which are running under apache/passenger. The servername is "mon1", but "puppet" and "dashboard"

  • Augeas tasks are shown as changed, although the file wasn´t changedMarch 22

    I have installed puppet-dashboard and noticed that all my augeas tasks are shown as "changed". I would expect that augeas automatically checks wether the value to be set is already set and in such case would do nothing. My recipe: $puppet_conf =

  • using puppet dashboard as an encMarch 5

    0 down vote favorite I am using a multiple puppet master setup with puppet dashboard running on a separate server. I have also configured dashboard to use https running with passenger. I would like to turn puppet dashboard in to an ENC. I have set th

  • multiple puppet masters set up using inventoryDecember 19

    I have managed to set up multiple puppet masters with one puppet master acting as a CA and clients are able to get a certificate from this CA server but use their designated puppet master to get their manifests. See this question for more info.. mult

  • Puppet inventory service using puppetdbDecember 13

    I have 3 servers set up. A puppet master using passenger (puppet-server1), dashboard using passenger (puppet-server2) and puppetdb (puppet-server3). I cannot get the inventory service working in the dashboard. The puppet master is able to sign certs

  • Puppet: possible to manage windows nodes in Live Management Panel?December 4

    I have installed one puppet master server with 2 nodes (Linux and Windows), there will no error showed at all and the master and nodes can see and access eath other. My Problem is that only the linux node is listet under Live Management. Shall I do s

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