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  • How can I resize the window after a widget is hidden while still allowing the window to be resized?August 10

    Here is a simple example: from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui import sys class MainWindow(QtGui.QWidget): def __init__(self): self.app = QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv) super(MainWindow, self).__init__() self.button = QtGui.QPushButton('Show/Hide') self.but

  • How to set timer on lcdNumber in pyqt?February 17

    I need a help . I have create a small widget of timer using qt designer . It only have lcdNumber and start button . So, i want to ask if anyone know how to make the lcdNumber work when i pressed the start button. If can, i want the lcd set at 15:00 m

  • child GUI doesn't showup when waitcondition is used in parent pyqtFebruary 17

    I am new to PyQt coding. I am trying to launch a child process (GUI) from parent. In this I am using waitcondition and mutex to understand its functionality.Here is my code: import sys from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore waitCondition = QtCore.QWaitCondi

  • How do i connect this two python code ? PyQtFebruary 17

    I have 2 python code here, but how to connect two code. In main.py there is enter button to open page2. When it open the page2 there's another 2 button which is male and female. If clicked male button, it will go to menu and if clicked female button

  • Creating a shapefile using PyQt4 and GDAL/OGR: rounds down decimalsFebruary 17

    this post is the sequel of this other post: Can't write decimal data into shape (shp) attribute table with Python In that post I tried to simplify the problem, but it was a mistake, because that didn't express my real problem. I'm Sorry. The problem

  • How do I output a colormap in a scene using pyqt?February 17

    I want to output a map of correlation coefficients (ranges from -1 to 1) as a colourmap on a clickable scene in pyqt. The following outputs a correct grayscale image scene = QGraphicsScene(self) scene.addPixmap(QPixmap.fromImage(qimage2ndarray.array2

  • PyQt4 get table cell colorFebruary 16

    I have what I hope to be a simple question. I would like to have a table, where upon clicking a cell its background gets colored, and upon clicking again - uncolored (back to white). The idea identical to a checkbox, but I don't want a checkbox in my

  • Pyqt - What signal does my standard "Apply" button emit and how do I write the slot for it?February 16

    I'm just learning pyqt and I'm trying to understand Standard buttons. I'm just learning, so let me know if I did something grossly wrong. I've created a simple UI with some standard buttons in QT Designer. I noted that the accepted() and rejected() s

  • Dynamically set version of PyQt appFebruary 15

    I have a PyQt application and it has "About" window, where I show an author's name, contacts and version of application. I want not to care much about changing this number every time the new version is released, so for now I use the following ap

  • Can i make a group radiobutton as a group of pressed button, not as a group of circles with one point? (PyQt4)February 15

    If I use tkinter, I can set the option indicatoron = 0, and get an expected effect. This effect can be achieved with a group of QPushButton, and some additional code, I suppose. But is it a true way? Maybe, PyQt has an option, as tkinter? This code g

  • Connect button to another window using pyqt/qt designerFebruary 15

    Someone please help me. In my program i have a button where it can connect to another window. In the mainpage there's a button enter to connect to next page and it works fine. But when come to the 2nd page, there's a male and female button, when i cl

  • How do i connect from main window to next window in pyqt?February 14

    im beginner in Pyqt4.So, i need a help. I had do a multiple widget in Pyqt designer, so i want to connect my main window to my widget. In my main menu, there's a enter button and i want when i clicked the enter button, it will go to page2.ui Here is

  • pyqt4 emit signal doesn't workFebruary 14

    I wamt to emit a triggered Signal on the actionTracar Qaction element, but it doesn't work or give any error. I have made a little snippet of the code to trouble shoot it.But still i can't figure it out. Trouble.py # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import sys

  • add picture to QGraphicsView trhough QGraphicsPixmapItemFebruary 13

    I am not able to display a simple icon in a QGraphicsPixmapItem What I have is: class TransformerItem(QGraphicsPixmapItem): def __init__(self, name='Untitled', parent=None, index=0): # self.picture = QImage('2wtransformer.png') # pixmap = QPixmap.fro

  • PyQT4 form submission responseFebruary 13

    I'm trying to make a web scrapper using PyQT4. I'm trying to scrape a public phonebook (yellowpages). I already have some experience using "requests" library, but in this case, I can't use it because the page that I need to send request to has a

  • PyQt4 Toolbar OrientationFebruary 13

    I am trying to get a toolbar to run down the left hand side of my window, but so far it is horizontal. I have tried setOrientation() but I can't work out what arguments i need to put in it. Here is my toolbar code: self.toolbar=QtGui.QToolBar(self) s

  • PyQT4, Python27 - Serial connection and global variablesFebruary 12

    I think my issue is simple, but I have hit a brick wall. I am not a programmer but needed a program to control a laser engraver via Arduino. My Original code was mostly working, but I wanted the ability to select a serial port with a QComboBox so I c

  • QItemSelectionModel select list of indexesFebruary 12

    I have a list of indexes: rows=[1,20,3,167,90] How can I do if I wanna select (activate) the corresponding rows in a QTableView containing the QAbstractTableModel? To be clear something like: QItemSelectionModel.select(rows) Any help would be appreci

  • PyQt widget communicationFebruary 12

    I have two widget: The first (Form1) have a combobox. If I using this combobox that is show on console. (#This is good) But I would like using this variable on second widget (Form2), but I don't show it. (#This is bad) How can I use this "text"

  • PyQt QTest click on QMenuFebruary 12

    In my PyQt app I have a main menu, which has the following structure: Main Menu |___ | Language | | | Russian | | | English Exit I want to perform a click on Russian to test if the language is changed. I have a link to language_menu in GUI [...somewh

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