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  • Tweaking some aspects of open layer 3 output using QGIS2WebFebruary 17

    I have made a thematic map in QGIS and exported it to open layer 3 format using QGIS2Web plugin containing 4 layers. I need to tweak the following things if posiible: I want to remove check boxes and include radio buttons for 3 layers I want to fix t

  • qgis2web problem with lots of dataFebruary 12

    A few month ago I was able to make a polygon map of population: http://supermap.hostei.com Today I opened the same QGIS project and tried qgis2web again. The plugin interface had responding problems. Then, I tried to make the same map as before. The

  • Thematic map exported using QGIS2Web is extremely laggyFebruary 12

    I have made a world thematic map and added layers of data for creating graduated color scheme on the country level. I need a interactive map as an output which shows values when user hover over any country. So while I am exporting it in leaflet forma

  • export more than one but not all attributes with qgis2webFebruary 5

    Using the qgis2web plugin: Is it possible to select more than one but not all attributes to be shown as popup? I can select all attributes or only one attribute to be shown. but not for example two attributes. Neither shift-click nor right-click seem

  • How to add legend in Qgis2Web plugin while exporting maps?

    How to add legend in Qgis2Web plugin while exporting maps?February 4

    currently i am working with the publishing web maps with the Qgis2web plugin. but i didn't find any kind of legend window or event to add legend. Is there any other source to add Legend?below is snapshot of Qgis2Web parameters window. there i didn't

  • QGIS2Web - how to include additional mapping functionsFebruary 3

    It is my understanding that the QGIS2Web generates a web map from my QGIS project by taking aspects of layers, styles and extent. What would it take to include map functionality to the web map such as: buffer (radius search), simple attribute data fi

  • Raster layers do not appear in qgis2web layer listJanuary 27

    Using qgis2web I created a Leaflet map that has a vector layer, a raster layer and OSM background. I included in the map the layer list ("Add layer list" option in qgis2web). The vector layer appears in the layer list and I can turn it on/off. H

  • Image in wrong location in qgis2web

    Image in wrong location in qgis2webJanuary 22

    I'm using the qgis2web plugin to display a Landsat image and some agricultural fields. Both raster and vector data are in EPSG:4326. In the QGIS canvas, the vector and raster line up (left side of the attached image) but in the qgis2wweb dialog there

  • QGIS2web page does not display curved labels

    QGIS2web page does not display curved labelsJanuary 19

    I have designed a non-real map, using QGIS. Until now, my map was very basic (a few layers with some polygons, dots, and lines). This map is a "decal" from a raster image. I recently add some custom labels, which are displayed into a certain zoo

  • Is it possible to show data when hovering over an item with qgis2web (OL3)?

    Is it possible to show data when hovering over an item with qgis2web (OL3)?January 19

    I'm using the qgis2web plugin and I want to show the records behind the different items on the map when I am hovering over them. Is that possible when you have layers devided into groups? And my output file needs to be Openlayers 3 type. ------------

  • How to make one checkbox that shows multiple layers in qgis or qgis2web?

    How to make one checkbox that shows multiple layers in qgis or qgis2web?January 17

    I need to create one checkbox in qgis (and qgis2web) that than will show 2 other layers. So basically i don't want to check two checkboxes in the layerlist, but i want to simplify this proces by just checking one checkbox. I want to do this without h

  • When using the QGIS2web plugin (OpenLayers3 option), no HTML file is createdJanuary 14

    I'm using the Qgis2web plugin (the OpenLayers3 option), and there is no html file that is created. The folders appear (Layers, Styles, and Resources). My web browser opens when the folders are created, but it just goes to my homepage, not the map. An

  • Install qgis2web plugin

    Install qgis2web pluginJanuary 5

    I would like to know how and where I can download qgis2web Plugin. I use QGIS with 2.10.1 version. --------------Solutions------------- You should install it via Plugins --> Manage and Install Plugins and then search for qgis2web (see below). Further

  • How to configure URL link for popup window directly in qgis2web plugin?December 18

    I am using the qgis2web plugin (the leaflet mode) and everything works fine. I created few objects in qgis as a points in shapefile layer on the map. What i need now is to add some url link to each point's popup window (now i can only put there id nu

  • qgis2web: NULL in integer-attributesDecember 14

    I created web map with qgis2web. Everything works fine but for all my attributes which are integer, the map shows the value "NULL". What can I do? --------------Solutions------------- I've just committed two fixes for this to the master branch o

  • QGIS2Web: Problem when exporting to an openlayer webmapDecember 7

    I am new on GIS and I have a problem in exporting a QGIS project to an openlayer webmap using QGIS2Web. While exporting the project the browser opened and showed the correct map (index.html). Then I saved the file for later use. But after clicking on

  • OL3 reproject geoJSON in EPSG:4326December 7

    qgis2web is a plugin for QGIS which creates webmaps. This question is about its OpenLayers 3 export. It exports QGIS layers to geoJSON to pull into the OL3 map. It writes them in EPSG:4326, as I believe this is at least a proposed standard for geoJSO

  • Qgis2web fails to display points with SVG markersNovember 26

    I made a map and put some points on it and I symbolized some points as svg markers from QGis library.Now, when I wanted to display or export the map with the gis2web plugin (openlayers option checked), I couldn't see the points. When I symbolized the

  • Some layout questions about Qgis2webNovember 17

    i just tried the plugin Qgis2web. The result looks already very nice But to optimize to lay out , i have some questions. How is it possible to display a title on the map? How is it possible to display a logo and the name of your organisation in the r

  • Is there a way to embed a Leaflet map into a Wordpress theme website?October 26

    I recently decided to make my own website, but chose to use a Wordpress theme to save me time in designing. Unfortunately it primary uses php which I am not familiar with and end up breaking my page after attempts to edit. Is there a relatively simpl

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