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  • Using Raspberry Pi GPIO for matrix switchingApril 13

    I'm working with a Raspberry Pi. I want to be able to connect any two of 7 pins together in a matrix fashion to control a device with a keypad input. This means I need to be able to short any of the 3 horizontal pins to the other 4 vertical pins. I'm

  • Using GNU Make to compile MathLink program automatically removes a fileJanuary 18

    It's possible that this question belongs on Stackoverflow; however, the Mathematica context may be important so I'm asking here first. I am working on a project to interact with sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi via Mathematica. The first version o

  • Multiple terminals, multiple commands, lxterminalJanuary 9

    I am working with Python. Writing a script, I am attempting to use os.system() to open a new terminal, create new tabs and run different commands in each respective tab (which appear to run simultaneously). I am familiar with gnome-terminal as it is

  • Security: Is the Raspberry Pi really stateless?January 3

    The Raspberry Pi has become very popular. Because it is rather cheap and simple it could be an attractive device for people living in so called developing countries. However in many of these states it is important for journalists and political activi

  • 24-to-32 channel darlington array, 5V-12V, 200mA [on hold]April 30

    I am trying to escape the GPIO amperage output limitations posed by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the like, but I need to be able to handle a large number of channels (24 to 32). What I am looking for is: Screw-down connectors or otherwise DuPont connec

  • How can I use the "on_motion_detected" method on Raspberry Pi motion?February 17

    I have been using my Raspberry Pi 2 to do some motion detection using a USB webcam and the motion package and am incredibly frustrated. Can someone explain to me how the on_motion_detected method is supposed to work?????? The idea is that when the ca

  • I need to import a txt file as a list for a specific functionFebruary 17

    I am trying to save and load calibration data for my sensor. I was able to read the calibration data and save it to a text file. When looking at the text file there are 22 numbers separated by comas all in a set of square brackets. I need to import t

  • Convert image from pygame to PIL imageFebruary 17

    we are using a Raspberry Pi + Python 3.4 + PyGame to capture an image from a specific USB webcam. We use this simple code to capture (it works ok): pygame.camera.init() cam = pygame.camera.Camera(pygame.camera.list_cameras()[0],(1280,720)) cam.start(

  • Catch all iOS push notifications like Pebble is doingFebruary 17

    Is there a way to ask the user and give access to the iOS notifications, so that the app can read/forward all iOS Push notifications, like Pebble is doing? It's not a security issue because I want to ask the user if I can... In my case I want to forw

  • how to read data from NFC Phone using Explore NFC and raspberry PI [on hold]February 17

    I really need help ,I want to send Data(few words) from phone to raspberry PI using Explore NFC and then turn on LED according to this data . and i don't know how to read the data sent from the Explore NFC. Thank you for helping --------------Solutio

  • Raspberry Pi Stops Internet Connection After One HourFebruary 17

    I've installed Ubuntu-MATE on Raspberry Pi and build a C# mono application to send Raspberry Pi's status to my PHP website. Everything is OK with codes, but raspberry pi sends data to website for the first hour. Any tips on how to make it work foreve

  • Capture packets (ICMP) in pi with CFebruary 17

    Greetings i am new in this forum and i tried to follow the directions the best i could. I 've searched quite a bit first before finding that there is no answer (none that i found at least). So i have this program that i run on my pi and i want it to

  • Raspberry pi RPi.GPIO module for executable filesFebruary 17

    I want to run a simple python program to glow LED. I want to run as executable file on my raspberry pi. my simple test.py code is print"Welcome to LED program" import RPi.GPIO as GPIO GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) GPIO.setup(25,GPIO.OUTPUT) GPIO.OUTPUT

  • Next step up from raspberry pi?February 17

    I'm looking for a home server in a mini-desktop form factor. I was looking at raspberry pi but it's too slow. I've been eyeing the mac-mini but it's too expensive. As far as linux based OSs any other ideas for a tiny server? --------------Solutions--

  • How to control computer after i have successfully captured gestures using gloves? [on hold]February 17

    I have created gesture recognition technology. Which detects the movements of fingers. After detecting that what should i need to do to perform certain task in the computer? Such as "Select All" When i raise all my five fingers in air and "

  • ERROR opening V4L interface: Operation not permittedFebruary 17

    I compiled mjpg-streamer in my raspberry pi, but when I run the below command, it occured an eeror shown in the title. Details are below: [email protected]:/home/pi/mjpg-streamer-code-182/mjpg-streamer# /usr/local/bin/mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/local/lib/

  • Cheapest x86 machine? [on hold]February 17

    I was looking for a cheap x86 machine for assembly development and other hackery and I was wondering if such a system exists. The system must meet the following requirements: Under $100 including price of memory. Must not be a compute stick or must b

  • Send telegram from Raspberry Pi when button is pressedFebruary 16

    I am doing a project which uses Telegram on the Raspberry Pi. Currently, I am using a XBEE to read high inputs when the button is pressed. Currently, I am able to send SMS when the button is being pressed. I intend to implement telegram in my codes s

  • php exec() not running via a cron jobFebruary 16

    I have been banging my head against this for hours now. I am executing a php script via a cron job, everything in the script works except for the exec() method. <?php exec('gpio write 7 0'); // Open the file to get existing content $current = file_ge

  • Porting exisiting brothers scanner driver to ARMFebruary 16

    I have out of idea to make the scanner work with my Raspberry pi. I have configured saned and saned always show no scanner identified. There has no driver source for scanner to recompile for working in ARM processor. Although the driver did provide b

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