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  • Polyglot persistence implementation using GDBMS and RDBMS -An ExampleMay 5

    Though it is theoretical question but I am looking for a usecase - If we have a relational db for some aspects, and a graph db for some others, how will they integrate for the data modelling part. With some example if anyone can explain like if we wa

  • How can I join all the record obtained by a select on a table with the records of another table?February 17

    I am pretty new in SQL and I have the following problem trying to implement the following query on a MySql database. So I have this situation: Into my database have a table named TID023_INTERVENTO where each line of this table represent a project (fo

  • Are databases and DBMSes implemented based on file systems and operating systems?February 17

    I feel that databases are playing the similar role as filesystems, while DBMSes play similar role as operating systems. Are databases and DBMSes implemented based on file systems and operating systems? Are databases implemented based on the data stru

  • Difference between Null and '(null)' in oracleFebruary 15

    I'm fetching some values from string and saving into oracle table. But at times certain values doesn't populate into the string. And, location of those values appears as empty space. So irrespective of empty space I've to add null into the table. Str

  • which is better in performance while using rdbms for api making [on hold]February 15

    I want to know that which is better in performance for api making, django rest framework or a view with stored procedure if we are using rdbms like MySql. Please suggest me so that I can proceed.

  • RDBMS Modeling: Many to Many with Extreme Historical VersioningFebruary 14

    You have two tables, foo and bar, that have a M:N relationship. You want to maintain pretty extreme historical versions of both foo and bar, and also the relationship between them, such that: You insert a row into Foo, and then insert a row into Bar,

  • Any known side effects or issues of graph databases?February 14

    I recently found some interesting reports about graph databases where creators of it claim that these systems have much better performance, scalability and ease of use comparing to traditional RDBMS. It is said that comparing to traditional systems,

  • Preventing dirty and unrepeatable reads through locks

    Preventing dirty and unrepeatable reads through locksFebruary 12

    Im trying to understand the use of shared and exclusive locks. I have attempted two schedule diagrams demonstrating the use of locks on dirty and unrepeatable reads, and I just wanted verification to see if it is correct The reds represent the use of

  • Meta-modeling crud FROM/JOIN/WHERE statement fragments for higher-level analysisFebruary 9

    Consider these sql statement fragments for their "meta-"commonalities: -- ... FROM TableA -- ... FROM TableA INNER JOIN TableB ON TableA.name = TableB.name -- ... FROM TableA FULL OUTER JOIN TableOfValues() AS TableB ON TableA.id= TableB.id WHER

  • Conditional input in Oracle SQLFebruary 9

    I am using Oracle sql developer. I need to create a table: EXTPROG (ActId, ActName) ActId Varchar2(4), ActName Varchar2(10) are the two columns. ActId should always start with A How to do this while creating table?

  • What is the best practice in Pentaho DI(Kettle) for converting a csv into a One to Many Relationship

    What is the best practice in Pentaho DI(Kettle) for converting a csv into a One to Many RelationshipFebruary 8

    I am new to Pentaho DI(formerly Kettle) and I am tasked with taking CSV data and populating tables in an RDBMS that are in a "One to Many" relationship. Here is an example of how the CSV data is structured: OrderID,CustomerName, Date,Total Cost,

  • Primary key using a predefined format in sqlFebruary 8

    I am trying to create a table that will generate a primary key automatically using a predefined format. Like this: Customer_ID Name Phone cust_1 Abc 123 cust_2 Def 456 Here Customer_ID is auto generated primary key. --------------Solutions-----------

  • How do you set-up a flat file database?February 7

    Let's say there's this database which is flat-file, stores all information in JSON Format https://github.com/Codetana/IkarusDB I download it, But I dont know how to set it up.. Like I'm finding my way around on how to mess with different types of dat

  • Unable to create a storage plugin for oracle in apache-drill 1.4February 5

    I was trying to create a new storage plugin in apache-drill 1.4 ( we are using drill in a clustered mode ). But am getting an error in Web-UI itself while trying to create a storage plugin configuration: error ( Unable to create/ update storage) I ha

  • Execute system commands in postgresqlFebruary 4

    My requirement is to execute a system command like (ls) or C program when a trigger executes. Is there any way to create a trigger function to solve this problem. --------------Solutions------------- You can easily do what @a_horse_with_no_name sugge

  • What are rich queries in MongoDB?January 31

    Im new to mongo Database and reading its docs for its basic structure. Im familiar with sql database but want to learn more. refering to this link http://www.tutorialspoint.com/mongodb/mongodb_advantages.htm // here im stuck with these bolded concept

  • Relationship between patient and addressJanuary 31

    When designing a database relationship between a patient and address (hospital management) is the relationship a many to many relation ship as the input is only primary address. since if patients are relatives who live in same house wont they have sa

  • Two primary non composite keys in a tableJanuary 31

    I am working on a project and I realized I am unsure about how to use multiple primary keys. I have a table named "User_Details" that has the details of Customer ID, email address and password. From my understanding, I can use both Customer ID a

  • Is Oracle Database Standard Edition Free? January 29

    I'm a beginner level RDBMS student. I need to manage and test SQL commands on one database on my laptop (localhost). I see 'Oracle Database Standard Edition 12c' (2.6 Gb) in the download section. So, is it free or does it need licensing? ------------

  • Why are duplicate rows not allowed in a relational database?January 29

    In this introductory tutorial on JDBC and Relational Databases, it is stated, Integrity Rules Relational tables follow certain integrity rules to ensure that the data they contain stay accurate and are always accessible. First, the rows in a relation

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