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  • Remote Desktop sharing: Ubuntu 15.10 server to Windows 10 clientFebruary 19

    I would like to view and control my Ubuntu 15.10 file server in my basement from my Win 10 machine in my office. What settings or apps do I need on each ? I've been struggling with this for days. Any help appreciated. I'm new to linux. Thanks guys, J

  • Can using RDP reduce data usage?January 5

    In my home i have internet connection(50 mbps) with a data limit of 100GB. Suppose if i am outside with my laptop or mobile and i have very less speed and data usage limit than at my home. I am thinking that if i use RDP to connect to my home i can u

  • RDP session starts but remote window doesn't appear

    RDP session starts but remote window doesn't appearJune 28

    Yesterday I configured RDP on my machine and it worked fine. I closed the connection and that's all. Today when I try to connect again I just get nothing. Credentials windows shows, I fill it (if I fill it wrong it says that logon was failed), then a

  • Login to Windows with Teamviewer without entering Windows passwordJune 24

    I have a PC, that runs as a server 24/7. The PC is accessible locally true Windows remote desktop and outside of the network whit the teamviewer. The remote desktop is used only by me and the teamviewer is used by some other people. I have set up una

  • Why wont computers on LAN show up on "Network" in Windows Explorer?

    Why wont computers on LAN show up on "Network" in Windows Explorer?June 24

    I have 2 desktop computers. One on ethernet and one on wifi. One running Windows 10, one running Windows 8. Both machines have network discovery on. Both have RDP enabled. But when I go to the network tab on either machines, it wont show the computer

  • Switching from Microsoft Remote Desktop back to MacMay 15

    I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a Windows machine from my mac. When I start the app it goes in full screen (I don't see any of the Mac controls). I was used to switching back from the app to the Mac desktop by using CMD-Tab but

  • rdc windows10 to headless VM using a port number failsFebruary 17

    I upgraded my desktop machine from windows 8 to 10 and now I'm unable to connect to any of my Vms (hosted on another server) using RDC. I have one server(Ubuntu no GUI) that host multiple VM's(windows and Linux w and w/o GUI) using VirtualBox. From m

  • Remote Desktop over WANFebruary 16

    I've got a Ubuntu server and an Ubuntu desktop, with about 4-40ms of latency (they are in 2 different buildings, connected via a fiber ring) between them. Both are running 14.04.3, of the respective server and desktop flavors. Other than SSH X forwar

  • RDP not working in Windows 10February 16

    For some weird reason, RDP (remote desktop connection) is not working between my PC and laptop. Here is the scenario: PC: Windows 10 Pro. Connected to the router through wire. Laptop: Windows 10 Home. Connected to the router through WIFI. RDP is enab

  • how to use web browser as VNC client?

    how to use web browser as VNC client?February 14

    i want to remotely login my user in the web browser but i don't know how to do this. I am using "Redhat" and i am properly setup vnc server without any problem. i am using vnc client for remotely access. but now a want to remotely login into the

  • how to setup vnc server?

    how to setup vnc server?February 14

    I am using "Redhat" and i am properly setup vnc server without any problem. i am using vnc client for remotely access. but now a want to remotely login into the "Web Browser" like below image how can i do that... i am tried: "Tigh

  • remote desktop from windows 7 to ubuntu exits immediatelyFebruary 14

    14.04 works fine. I installed 15.10 recently. after remote desktop from windows 7 to 15.10, it did not show any error message, it just display the loging message. but remote desktop will exit immediately. I also tried vnc viewer on windows. it could

  • Lost Internet RDP over VPNFebruary 12

    I cannot access the web while using remote desktop unless I go back to my local desktop. Suddenly this is a major issue. Details below. Please assist. Thanks! First, we connect to a remote server via VPN, then we RDP to use the database on the server

  • Dedicated graphics card needed for small RDP setup?February 12

    I want to set up an RDP host (Win Server 2012) for a maximum simultaneous use by 8 clients. Only "normal" applications will be run (no CAD or games). Do I need a dedicated graphics card or will an integrated chip (AMD A-Series or Intel HD) do?

  • unauthorized logging into my computer

    unauthorized logging into my computerFebruary 10

    I ve been suspecting someone logging into my computer because a couple of times, during the user log on screen I saw "Signed in remotely from.." The first timeIi saw some of my pictures copied on the desktop, the second time there were some fold

  • How to access server, which is only available via remote desktopFebruary 10

    I need to access certain webpage and a database from my local PC, but those are only available from a remote desktop. I found out that "netsh interface portproxy add" may be able to do just the thing, but ...this may be stupid ... I don't know h

  • Open source remote access software for WindowsFebruary 10

    We are evaluating remote access software for our organization for the purposes of I.T. support. We have over 300 PCs spread across various sites. We have narrowed down on two paid-for solutions: TeamViewer and Remote Utilities. We would like to know

  • Minimize RDP-session from within the sessionFebruary 9

    Is it possible using C# to switch to local machine from an RDP session, eg. simulating Ctrl+Alt+Break from within the session? I've tried InputSimulator and Sendkeys without any luck. --------------Solutions------------- No, sorry. The machine inside

  • remote Windows command lineFebruary 9

    I am connecting from my pc1 to Windows server via Widows Remote Desktop Client. Then I execute one application (it has maximized window, and must stay maximized) on remote computer via his own terminal command line. But what I need now is, to be able

  • How to access remote desktop from a Windows PC to Ubuntu?February 9

    How to access a ubuntu system remotely from a windows pc without teamviewer? Is there any other option. --------------Solutions------------- Do you know about this one: http://www.putty.org/ ?

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