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  • Creating an Apex Rest Resource for a Request with reserved keywordsFebruary 4

    I am working on an Apex Rest Resource to provide an integration from our scm provider's web hooks. The request sent by the scm provider is in JSON format so I have created an Apex class to mirror that object structure. The problem I am running into i

  • RestRequest in RestResource is returning nullJanuary 7

    I am having a problem reading JSON content using a RestResource. I am always getting a null value. My goal is to create a webhook to receive JSON content. Here is what I did. Created a Visualforce page with a controller which is a RestResource. <apex

  • Could not find a match for URL WorkbenchMarch 16

    I am trying to test my code from workbench by sending an xml file to my @restresource global class. I have a @httpPost method through which I wan to insert the record. When I try to send a request to my class I am getting error : URL not found My cla

  • How to identify what type of request is comingMarch 13

    I have a class with @restresource. To which a request is coming to insert the record. How can we identify what kind of request is coming in. Is it XML or JSON format. Is there any way to identify incoming request. Please help me if is possible. -----

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