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  • Conditional Row Actions on WP List TableSeptember 4

    In WP_List_Table() I have the following: function column_session_id($item) { $actions = array( 'confirm_paid' => sprintf('<a href="?page=%s&action=%s&sessionid=%s&type=%s">Confirm Payment</a>',$_REQUEST['page'],'confir

  • Restore the "Restore | Delete Permanently" actions for custom post typesJune 15

    So I have a custom post type with no title, therefore I have lost the action bar. This wasn't such an issue for me until I realised when I went to trash I no longer had the "Restore | Delete Permanently" actions. How can I restore these? obvious

  • Add new child post link in Row ActionsFebruary 18

    I want to add a button to the Row Actions with "Add child". The function of the button should be to go to the "add new page" page with a parent page selected. Is that possible?

  • How to change the title url on the edit post screen?February 17

    I searched in various places and am battling to find the correct place or terms used for the following. I am only using posts as an example. When you view all posts in wp-admin you get the title of the post and below it the Edit, Quick Edit, Trash an

  • Get user ID when action row link is clickedJuly 26

    I have added an action row link to users.php so that when its clicked it links to a list table. To generate the data for the clicked user in my custom list table, I need to capture the user ID. I have all the code working but I don't know how to acce

  • Rename a row action labelJuly 3

    I would like to simply rename "Delete permanently" to "Delete", without having to mess with the Wordpress core files. It's worth knowing that I'm using a translated version of Wordpress. So the "Delete permanently" action is

  • Create a clickable name in WP_List_Table for Plugin Admin

    Create a clickable name in WP_List_Table for Plugin AdminJanuary 23

    I've been developing a plugin where I wanted to create a table, styled and working just like Wordpress's native Post/Page tables. Following the guide below, I was able to create the table and load my database. The only thing I cannot figure out to do

  • Modify "View" in admin panel for custom taxonomy

    Modify "View" in admin panel for custom taxonomyOctober 18

    Fristly, sorry for my bad english. Secondly, I can't find a solution for my problem since 2 weeks. It's a simple things but I can't find how to do it. I explain my problem : I got 2 custom taxonomies call in a function "my_custom_init" : registe

  • Custom row action on custom posts list page causes a wp_die?June 13

    The scenario is this: I have a CPT called Job. I've set custom row actions for this CPT, and most of them are linked to external or custom settings pages. They work fine. Now I've set a new row action, called as 'mark-special', and I've set the href

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