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row level security

  • Optimize Row Level Security expression in PostgresSeptember 6

    I have a table which contains millions of rows, categorized into a few categories (lets say numbers 1-5). An application that accesses the database uses one single database account. However, the application has its own user accounts and each app user

  • Roles, groups and set session authorization in postgresFebruary 12

    I am mucking around with postgres row level security for multi tenant applications. I want achieve this via a policy which separates rows based on the tenant_name which is a column in my tables. I have roles for each tenant. However, I am maintaining

  • Why can't I alter a security policy conditionally?December 30

    I have the following rather simple statement in SQL Server Mgmt Studio 2016 CTP 3.2: if exists(select null from sys.security_policies where name = 'OrganisationSecurityPolicy') begin alter security policy [security].OrganisationSecurityPolicy with (s

  • Difference between TDE/VPD/Data Masking/OLS - OralceOctober 28

    I've come across many kinds of data masking techniques used in Oracle database.. some are licensed some are included in enterprise edition itself.. leaving the licenses thing behind as it is restricted to ask about it here.. I would like to know what

  • Roles and policies in Postgresql 9.5 row-level securityOctober 9

    Following the the info in posts like these i would like to use the role system and policies, i.e. each user in my system would have a db role. I want to model the following properties but i can't come up with a role hierarchy. Consider the following

  • Oracle row level security setup?October 4

    How can I configure a table such that a user can modify a row "owned" by that user, but not modify rows "owned" by other users? --------------Solutions------------- You could use a row-level security policy with a statement_type limite

  • Row level security and full text searchingSeptember 18

    How do you approach the problem of resolving access permissions when matching tens of thousands of users with tens of millions of documents containing unstructured data? How do you even build and represent a filtered folder structure for navigation?

  • Row Level security or Multiple TablesJune 24

    Im looking for documentation on best practices for the following scenario. A hosted application contains some "global" data and some "Per-tenant" data. A "Tenant" should have no access to another tenant's tables, and I'd like

  • Which databases can have row and column level security based upon Active Directory? August 16

    I have various database types, Oracle 11g, MySQL 5, Sql Server 2012. I have direct access. I can have other databases if I need them such as PostgreSQL. What I'm doing is protecting data at the database and table level as opposed to the application l

  • How to do Row Level Security in SSRS 2008 R2 (or 2012) with Active Directory Groups?May 19

    I would like to create a single report that filters data based on what Active Directory group the user is in. Through various searches I see that Row Level Security is possible in SSRS in the Report Model. However, I can't seem to find any instructio

  • Webapp & MySQL: Row Level SecurityNovember 28

    I am trying to emulate row level security on a webapp I am developing using MySQL. Using this method: Creating a database with the the required tables where the data pertaining to all the users will be stored with proper indexing of columns of the ta

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