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  • INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_OR_READONLY error when sending email from scheduled classFebruary 4

    I have a batch job that send emails on user anniversaries. It works when I run it in the execute anonymous window from SF's developer window. I'm sending it through the org-wide email address and I've given it "all profiles" under allowed profil

  • Process Builder vs Scheduled ApexFebruary 3

    I have the following requirement. Update the date field for a specific set of opportunities every day. My first thought process is to build a batch/scheduled apex solution and schedule it to run every 24 hrs. I would like to know whether the same req

  • URL confirmation tool February 2

    My idea would be to create a batch/schedule class to pull from specific fields (URL's) in salesforce.com on Product2 object and confirm the URL's are "Good" or "Live" or some sort of status other than "404". When respond is p

  • Apex Batch job is failing with Internal Salesforce ErrorJanuary 20

    I have a batch job that i'm executing from developer console Id batchJobId = Database.executeBatch(new TPI_BATCH_CHILD_ACCOUNT_PUSH(), 200); But i've checked from workbench with the batchjob id its status showing Failed. The same code is running fine

  • I want to query all opportunity stages except closed lost. I wrote below batch to update a custom field but it did not workJanuary 15

    I have a batch to update a custom field of all opportunity with specific condition I want to query all opportunity stages except closed lost. I wrote below batch to update a custom field but it did not work. I need to update opportunities daily so my

  • Machine Learning Predictions RepeatingJanuary 13

    I have to integrate AWS Machine Learning service with Salesforce. I implemented JavaScript SDK http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSJavaScriptSDK/latest/AWS/MachineLearning.html#predict-property and it is working well. But I have to implement API using batc

  • Schedule Trigger by Updating?January 13

    If I have a trigger that runs on Campaign update. Can I schedule it by writing a batch that just updates all Campaigns? Or do I need to reproduce the logic of the trigger in the batch itself. IE can I do this? global class CampaignInfluence_BatchUpda

  • How to update the scheduled jobs in apexJanuary 8

    I have scheduled batch class through salesforce UI. This will run every day @1:00 AM from 1/1/2016 to 1/31/2016. Now i need to change schedule job time and extend the end date of the job. Is there any way to change date & time of existing schedule jo

  • Keep users from changing field but allow batch apex to edit it

    Keep users from changing field but allow batch apex to edit itDecember 7

    I have a field that I want to display on a Contact record however I do not want users to modify this value. The catch is that I have a batch apex job that is updating this field periodically to keep it up to date. So I will need the batch apex job to

  • Issues with Batch Queuing?

    Issues with Batch Queuing?November 20

    Has anyone else run into issues where their concurrent batches don't really run concurrently? Supposedly there is a limit of 5 and beyond that goes to the Flex Queue, but I consistently only have a max of 3 and yet 1 is almost always in the Flex Queu

  • How many batches can I run in 1 schedulable classNovember 19

    I have 5 batch classes (implements Database.Batchable). I was able to add all of them in a single schedulable class (implement Schedulable) and schedule it successfully (code below). It worked. My questions: how many such batch classes can I keep add

  • Unable to fine schedule job for apex classNovember 18

    I have one apex shedulable class. I am trying trying to search class in All Scheduled Jobs,but i dont know the name of job for that perticular apex class. How should i find the job name for that class. --------------Solutions------------- You can run

  • QueryLocator generates scope of the ObjectNovember 10

    I am recently working with building apex batch job and I came across Database.QueryLocator which I believe can create scope of the object which is passed to the execute() method. I do not understand what does the scope means? What data type is QueryL

  • Execute method in Apex batch never calledNovember 9

    I have an apex class though which I do batch processing of some xml files. Below is a part of the code from my apex class: global class DoHMHParsing implements Database.Batchable<sObject>, Database.Stateful{ private static Integer inBatch = 0; publi

  • how can an email address is set in BatchableContext in salesforce

    how can an email address is set in BatchableContext in salesforceOctober 28

    I have a batch process scheduled to parse a xml file coming in to Salesforce. This was created by a developer who has left the organization. I wish to deactivate his licence, but that might affect the job scheduled since his name appears in created b

  • losing runas user contextOctober 19

    I'm currently trying to write tests regarding knowledge articles where the user initiating/running the tests does not have a knowledge license. Of course to do this, I need to use runAs User testUser = new User(stuff goes here); testUser.UserPermissi

  • Finish block of apex is not running i think.Mail is not being sentOctober 19

    I am not getting any error but now Finish method is not executing i think as i am not getting system.debug logs for log statement added in the finish method.Any idea why i am not getting any finish block logs.Mail is also not being sent. Batch Apex:

  • Getting error in batch apex on runtimeOctober 18

    I am getting runtime error with null pointer exception.In the debug logs it is showing value of idofacc is null. Please help its urgent. Batch Apex: global class testbatch implements Database.Batchable<SObject>, Database.Stateful { global List<Id

  • Schedule Job does not execute

    Schedule Job does not executeOctober 17

    Since last Wednesday one of my schedules jobs (future calendar) does not execute but it schedules next time.I tried to remove and create again the job but was the same. If I execute the Batch manually everything is ok. What can be the problem? Import

  • schedule job only queued - not showing up as completed in Apex JobsSeptember 30

    I have the following scheduled job: global class OrderApprovalDeadlineScheduler implements Schedulable { Boolean cacheLoaded = false; private BusinessHours getDefaultBusinessHours() { BusinessHours bh = new BusinessHours(); if(cacheLoaded) return bh;

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