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  • How to apply SeekBar value to a calculation in a method?February 17

    I want to be able to take the seekbar value selected by user (# of years) and add it to the calculatePayments(View clickedButton) method. This seekbar value will then be divided by 1200 as shown in the code below, but I am confused how to link the se

  • Shows wrong seekbar value android

    Shows wrong seekbar value androidFebruary 14

    I have a listview of task textviews when clicked it goes to another screen that has a seekbar. Layout like this: (I have to implement like this though) Task 1: when clicked-> go to another screen with seekbar no.1 Task 2: when clicked -> go to anoth

  • How to add marks on seekbar android on run time?

    How to add marks on seekbar android on run time?February 10

    How can i add marks on seekbar like this yellow mark on seekbar in android. But i want to to this on run time. e.g May be i need to add mark on 10sec and 26sec. Thanks in advance. --------------Solutions------------- The Android SeekBar doesn't have

  • correct implementation seekbar with media player in AdapterFebruary 9

    I have a problem. I use Adapter and i need implement a seekbar but my code don't work. where is the correct implementation? mp.setDataSource("/mnt/sdcard/MIB/" + subject.getNombreAudio() + ".mp3"); mp.prepare(); barraProgreso.setMax(mp

  • How to add mark on seekbar on specfic position(on run time).?

    How to add mark on seekbar on specfic position(on run time).?February 9

    I need to add multiple mark on seekbar like above image (But on run time). e.g May be i need to add two marks one on 10sec and other on 44sec. So how can i add mark on specific position using time?? --------------Solutions------------- Use this Class

  • Android EditText not writing from left to rightFebruary 8

    I've got a EditText which changes a Seekbar if the Text is being edited but it writes from right to left for some reason. This is the way I do it priceText.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher() { @Override public void afterTextChanged(Editable mEd

  • How to implement Text-To-Speech with seek barFebruary 5

    Am working on an Android app in which i have to include TTS feature to speak after reaching seek bar to its max position.Can any one provide me the correct way of implementation.I am using a custom method for TTS but don't know how to use the feature

  • Align Seekbar to right of ImageView (Icon)

    Align Seekbar to right of ImageView (Icon)February 3

    As you can see, the seek bar is a little bit to high, thus not looking correctly aligned to the icon. Is there a simple way to fix it? I set the fixed size on the icon because I want it to look larger than 24dp, similar to Androids audio settings. <?

  • Layering two Shapes in Android

    Layering two Shapes in AndroidJanuary 28

    I'm trying to create a custom thumbnail for a seek bar, and I want it to look like an orange circle with a white "glowing" effect around the edges. I'm trying to achieve this by layering two circles on each other, one with a white-to-transparent

  • onProgressChanged() not called after moving progress button manuallyJanuary 27

    I have the following code to add a SeekBar to a video: final VideoView videoView = (VideoView) findViewById(R.id.videoView); final MediaController mediaController = new MediaController(this) { ... // Commented out irrelevant code. } mediaController.s

  • Seek bar and media player and a time of a trackJanuary 27

    In my media player (mp3) there is a seek bar. To play the next song i am using this logic: if (seek bar progress == mediaplayerObject.getDuration()) if yes play the next song but this condition does not work, because there is a small mili second gap

  • Timeline Seekbar in AS3January 20

    I'm trying a flash actionscript project to include a custom seekbar for timeline frame navigation. Now i could get dragger moving across the seekbar with respect to the totalframes. But dragging the seekbar brings error. Also i want to include timer

  • CountDownTimer with SeekbarJanuary 20

    Hi I have implemented CountDownTimer timer with SeekBar and it is working fine, my problem is i am not able to change the timer when i drag the seek bar how to achieve this. Example: If i drag and increase the CountDownTimer it should increase the ti

  • Circular progress bar with touch motionJanuary 19

    Hi i have implemented a countdown timer with a circular progress bar and it is working fine, my problem is i need to add small circle touch motion like Seek bar. Ex: if i touch the small circle and increase the timer the time should increase if decre

  • How i can get one seekbar listener for any item with Android?

    How i can get one seekbar listener for any item with Android?January 15

    Hi i'm trying to change the values of any item of the list when the seekbar is changed but with this code only chenge the last item of the list when i move any seekbar. Do you have any idea? this is the itemDialog adapter code ` public class itemDial

  • How to set seekbar min and max valueDecember 24

    I have a seekbar and trying to set the value from 60 to 180 for one and 40 to 190 for the second one in step of 1. sb1 = (SeekBar) findViewById(R.id.progresss); sb1.setOnSeekBarChangeListener(new OnSeekBarChangeListener() { @Override public void onSt

  • How to set Thumb of seekbar in android?

    How to set Thumb of seekbar in android? April 23

    I wanted to style a seek bar which looks like the one in the image below. By using default seekbar i will get something like this: So what i need is to only change the color. I need no extra styles. Is there any straight forward approach to do this o

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