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  • Blocking IP address for web-scraping serviceJanuary 23

    Background Consider the following scenario: Link. User provides a link to some poorly formatted website (e.g., creative commons content). Scrape. Server downloads the content (web scrape), always throttled. Format. Server formats the content (e.g., p

  • how to convince manager to allow stack overflowMay 25

    At my company we have strict limits on internet use. I often must use the poor mobile interface only for StackOverflow. However, the site is very useful for work. How do I convince a manager to un-block StackOverflow? Is there a summary of benefits a

  • What should we tell our unsupported IE6 users?

    What should we tell our unsupported IE6 users?February 11

    In the upcoming version of our web app, we've broken IE6, and we don't intend to fix it. We've had a clear warning posted for IE6 users for some months; we've decided it's time not to support it. My question is: how should we communicate this to our

  • What is the right level of site blocking for you as a developer? November 25

    Almost all developers who work for a large corporation find themselves on the wrong side of site blocking software. It can be both frustrating ("Just let me read that damn blog!") and helpful ("Woah! Dodged a bullet with that site"). I

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