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  • Drupal Slide show brokenApril 13

    I am new to drupal and the slidshow on the homepage is broken. I can't figure out where the javascript is to control it and why it suddenly stopped working. I also can't find how javascript is attached to this site. Any advice would be greatly apprea

  • Restricting Slideshow CK to certain pages within JoomlaFebruary 17

    I am trying to show Slideshow CK only on the homepage of my Joomla based site. I have gone into the 'assignment' section of the module and restricted it to 'Home' menu item and said 'no' to include on child items. This works fine. I only see the slid

  • Flexslider won't work with WordPress' jQueryFebruary 16

    When I try to use the Flexslider with 'built-in' jquery, the Flexslider won't work. When I use my own myjquery file, It works as if nothing ever. Do I always have to use my own jquery file even wordpress has its own? wp_register_script( 'bootstrap-js

  • Slideshow banner with linkable text on image

    Slideshow banner with linkable text on imageFebruary 13

    I have a slideshow on my front page with 3 rotating images how can I add text and link each separate image to a URL? I am following this tutorial EDIT: I have the image caption module installed and I have used that instead of content title in my fiel

  • Help with front page slideshow banner

    Help with front page slideshow bannerFebruary 13

    I have a slideshow on my front page with 3 rotating images how can I add text and link each separate image to a URL? I am following this tutorial UPDATE: I have the image caption module installed and I have used that instead of content title in my fi

  • How to make users select different view-slideshows to view their imagesFebruary 12

    A section on my website allows users to upload lots of pictures. I have created 3 different views that use 3 different slideshow modules to show the images (set under the image styles) I now need a way to show the links or dropdown to each of the dif

  • JQuery slider glitch - jumpsFebruary 12

    My slider below doesn't seem to be working properly. There's a glitch when transitioning from one slide to the other. Here's my code: https://jsfiddle.net/tiffsaw/6y5Ltvev/ Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you so much! $(document).ready

  • Windows 10 Photos Slideshow FeatureFebruary 12

    The default picture app in Windows 10 and it's slick, I would like to use it in place of Windows Photo Viewer like I did in 7/8 but it seems to be missing one important feature. When I simply double click on an image to open it it will only show that

  • When not given a link, use URL node

    When not given a link, use URL nodeFebruary 11

    For a slideshow with banners, i've added the fields overlay-text and link-to. The link-to is the URL you go, if you click on the banner. It's al done & working in Views & Views Slideshow. The user adds a node and has to set the URL by hand in the

  • Bash script for a slideshow with image list refreshFebruary 11

    I'm writing a short script for a slideshow using fbi. For sake of completeness, the script gets executed after an automatic login on an Ubuntu machine, which should run headless; the machine only external interface should be a Samba folder where I ad

  • Javascript Slideshow with play pause and Next Prev buttonFebruary 11

    I'm making a slideshow in Javascript with a Play / Pause and Next / Prev. I have manage to slideshow working with play/pause button, but now i wanted to add Next and Prev button to it. Can some one please help me how can i do that. Here's my HTML: <!

  • Unreliable Revolution SliderFebruary 10

    I have been having issues with the well-known plugin "Revolution Slider" recently. The vast majority of the time everything is okay but say the 5th time I refresh, the slider will just become a white space. I've Googled various search terms that

  • hook to change album views for usersFebruary 8

    Is it possible to offer users different options on how to view album photos? Currently, it just defaults to a flexslider that I have put as default on my image style. Is using hook_entity_view_mode_alter the best way to achieve this? (ideally links o

  • Thumbnails for my slideshow?February 8

    Hi, I created a slideshow some years ago using this code: <script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[ $(window).load(function(){ $(function() { $('#fader img:not(:first)').hide(); $('#fader img').css('position', 'absolute'); $('#fader img').css('t

  • inserting a slideshow image ckeditor from a different server

    inserting a slideshow image ckeditor from a different serverFebruary 8

    I am using ckeditor in my project and the slideshow plugin. I can insert images in ckeditor from a different server without a problem. If I am on server-a.com and I insert an image from server-b.com, I can call in javascript: CKEDITOR.tools.callFunct

  • CSS/JS/HTML/Jquery etc maker/plugin/teacher slideshow?February 7

    I want to add picture + caption slideshow to my website. But I couldn't find something that will fit my goal. I'm looking for: Buttons/bullets which on hover show little image Change size to the window screen and the screen size(not have to be on min

  • Animated pdf printingFebruary 6

    I would like to print a pdf, but the actual file is animated, i.e. sentences appear one after the other etc. it ends up with 124 pages, which, can be reduced if I could only print the actual slides. This is the doc: http://www.distributed-systems.net

  • Why won't my images load in my slideshow?February 6

    I am still building my website up and I found a good layout on the web. I downloaded their preview pack and have been editing it so it reflects what I want. Yet I have a problem with getting my images to load in the slideshow. I only have one image a

  • How to make *slideshow on twitter timeline(※which you can see and go forward and back directly on timeline)?February 5

    I'm trying to make slideshow which you can see and go forward and back directly on twitter timeline. I tried to do this with player card, but it didn't work; →on the timeline it only shows the URL and a link said "View media". *does anyone know

  • Stopping and starting a slideshow with onclick eventFebruary 4

    I want to control this slideshow to start/stop using onclick on #mainImage. At this point, I can get the slides to stop, but I'm stuck on the logic for how to use onclick to start it again. Ideally, I want the slideshow to continue from the array pos

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